Friday, November 11, 2011


Today in America, something will happen that only happens twice in a century. At 11:11:11 it will be a momentous occasion because it is well. . 11-11-11. Something else happens special today that only will happen once. . R is turning 18. I assume that means he is now a man. He came to us at only age 9, a small, glasses wearing, Harry Potter loving, 3rd grader. He is now a football loving, state wrestling compete, college seeking, SAT studyin man. Wow. Words can't even describe the journey we have had with him. His recent struggles with epilepsy haven't left him burdened. He handles it. . great. I receive more compliments in my community for him that all my children combined. Sorry kids, but it's true. R leaves a mark on people he meets. His character shines through because he carries the cross inside him daily. He truly has a servant's heart because he not only wants to please man, but he wants to please his Lord. What a man and example he is to those twice his age. Thank you R, for being a light to Christ.
I thought I would include some recent photos.

Here we are with Richard on his Football Senior night. Today he will play with his team in the playoffs for the state title.