Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do you think I am Nesting?

Here's a list of what I did today:
Got up-no shower, yet
Met our tutor at WalMart at 8 AM to spend funding that would expire-
bought $550 worth of school supplies for next year
Met J at CFA for bfast with the kids as our carpets were being cleaned
Returned home-entertained kids on tile or hardwood floors only while carpets dried
Filled out dental forms for past and upcoming visits-that's for you Gretchen
Filled out insurance forms-hopped in car to mail at post office-checked mail-loaded boxes of final "baby items" I had ordered online
Unpacked boxes
Instructed A on lunch
Took my shower finally
Sweated to death while drying my hair and I realized my cooling unit on my hallway was failing me
Sent Little T off with J to orthodontist
Left kids with sitter while I took S and ME to dentist
Organized a major grocery trip list while waiting
Scheduled 6 month appointments for 10 kids while waiting
Had bleaching trays made for myself while there
Came home-took a 20 minute power nap
(carpets still drying)
Finally called the crew to come check on my air conditioner unit
Loaded half of the kids and drove them to Nana's while I went to a Dr's visit
(J took the other half for haircuts)
RAN in TJ Max for a few last baby gowns-scored 3!
Met J at a local deli with 9 kids for a quick bite
Took S to dance
Drove 3 home, bathed J
Waited for J to return with 2 kids
Loaded 2 for a trip to Walmart -AGAIN!- Allowed each girl to take turns driving-must get in driving lessons when possible.
Bought $495 worth of groceries-TWO huge carts full-used the girls to help push and load
Came home, starting washing last baby gowns in DREFT (I love the stuff)
Decided to go to bed!
Realized the kitchen sink was stained, decided to scrub with bleach
Decided to go to bed again, but I had not posted today!
I think I am nesting, What do you think?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mary Graduates from High School!

This post is of course a bittersweet one. I love celebrating with our kids in their accomplishments, but of course am sad that an era has ended. Mary will be leaving us soon, but I can't even go there yet. Today I am happy and thrilled at her accomplishment as she is only the 2nd person in her biological family to graduate from high school. That alone deserves an entire day of happiness. She has worked so hard to get to this day, and while she herself is emotional and sad: We are so proud of her!

The morning started with a Baccalaureate service in which the students received a blessing from the Headmaster and Principals. Remember we attend a private, christian school. I have attended many graduations, even graduated from a private, christian college, but what a special, tender moment to hear the words of scripture read over my child. Words like: purity, diligence, being a woman armed and ready, and a beautiful smile that God gave her! Very tender and emotional. After that, we moved onto the graduation and it was also very personal. The Bible teacher from our school gave the commencement address and read from Hebrews, he gave the girls (all girls in her class) 13 things to take with them. My favorites: Have a clear conscience and live honorably to the Lord.

After that, we came home for a quick party here with family and friends. We had Mary's favorites: CFA nuggets, pickles, deli sandwiches, and buttercream icing on her cake. My favorite party find was the cups I bought for the party. They read, "The tassel was worth the Hassle!"

Enjoy some shots from our day!

Mary in all her pomp and circumstance!

Changing her tassel! Woo-Hoo. An official graduate!

Mary's biological brother made it today, so precious together!

Little J was even super proud of his big sister!

We Made it!

Well, another school year has come and gone. It seems like in record time this year we have finished another year of recitals, ball games, holidays, exams, growing pains, and all the homework and tests. We all literally collapsed yesterday once the kids got home and just stared. We are pooped. The big kids had final exams this week and spent most evenings CRAMMING a semester's worth of info into their brains. The all seem brain dead and exhausted at this point, even too tired to celebrate.

We did make it through though and are happy to be done.

M. E. graduated from Kindergarten Thursday night and it was precious. Thought I would add a few photos.

Processional to "Pomp and Circumstance". Precious.

Accepting her diploma from Kindergarten. She also received the Samuel Bible Award for Public Speaking. (Does that mean she talks too much?)

M. E. and her graduation bear!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Packed my bag today!

I often LOVE travel. It seems each time I come home from a little getaway, I put away my "Elizabeth" Vera Bradley bag (yes, I still have an old pattern from the 90s), I think to myself, I wonder when I can get away again. Our job is designed in that because of state licensing laws we are required to take away one weekend a month. Usually that means just time away for J and I personally or mini outings for the day. . . .rarely it is an actual trip away. This spring however we traveled of course to California, then took the kids to Gatlinburg, and I had a mini-trip to Birmingham to visit with college friends. It was nice to get away and travel. I absolutely love traveling. I promise I have a point.

Today, however, I pulled that bag back out, cleaned out the leftover contents, ponytail holders, old shampoo bottles, etc. and packed it neatly for my next trip which will be to the hospital!!! I neatly selected several gowns for Ann Claire to wear while we are there and a few for myself. I also washed and hung her "coming home" outfit.

I am only in my 35th week, but little M. E. surprised us all when she arrived at 35 weeks and S and J both came at 37 weeks to the day (even weighed the same amount and on the same day of the week!) So. . . after having several more Braxton Hicks contractions last night at a meeting for our school's campaign drive, I decided I had better have a bag packed just in case. I guess this time my travel will only be across town to hospital, but maybe 2 nights in a quiet hospital room won't be so bad. I did find it interesting when I pre-registered at the hospital that the fee for my "room" is $500 a night. Whew, I don't even think the Ritz is that much. It better be quiet in there, AND since Ann Claire is my 4th, she is sleeping in the nursery with the nurses at night, and I DON'T feel guilty. I of course will keep everyone posted on the big event. This week I must concentrate on the kids' final exams, the last week of school, and M's graduation from high school. LOTS to do, but at least my bag is packed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Dancing Angels!

Have you ever experienced that moment of pride as a mother when you are watching your children do something they REALLY love and it shows? Have you ever had that moment when you watch them and think, Wow, I am so proud of them at this very moment, and you could just burst into tears of happiness? That is enough sappiness, BUT it is exactly how I felt watching my angels dance last week in their dance recital. They were all beautiful in their own ways and shined with talent and grace. I am so proud of all of you!
I tried to capture a moment or two from each girl in ALL of their numbers. There were a total of 12 acts we had to rehearse for, fund the costume for, and photograph. I loved them ALL!

K as a ballerina:

K also as a break dancer in Space Jam:
I had no idea she could do the "coffee grinder"
Here she is a train conductor tapping to Chattanooga Choo-Choo:

Here is M. E. dancing her way through Twist and Shout! A perfect song choice for her!

K and M. E. ready for their show!

S was in 4 numbers this year, Here she is as a Jewel from the pirate song in The Little Mermaid:

She also had another ballet dance to The Circle Song, which talks about the seasons of Life, talk about a tear jerker. This was her 6th recital, wow, how she has grown!

This one is always a crowd favorite, tapping to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

Here is a shot from S's jazz dance, Space Cowboy. I don't know if Daddy was ready for this one?

M in her Senior Recital!
Here she is tapping as a cowgirl! My favorite part was when she did her split in her blue jeans. Very Impressive!

M in her crazy and fun senior number, The Bench Dance!

And finally, M's pointe dance as Snow White. She fit the role perfectly and was breathtaking! It is sad to know we will never see her in another recital. She has worked hard and turned into a beautiful, graceful girl with talent and beauty on stage. We are proud of you M!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day-2009

This Mother's Day was especially exciting as I am expecting another little one as we speak! My sweet husband and kids did a fabulous job of pampering me and loving on me. It always feels good to be praised. Truett Cathy always says, "If you're breathing, you need encouragement". My hubby wrote a poem about me. It seems a little boastful to post it on my own blog, but it is out of my own pride for his skills that I wanted to share it:

My Name Is W, And I Am A Mother

While the sun remains hidden, a new day I begin,
Of growing my children, into Godly women and men.

My responsibility is great in this calling I’ve received,
So heavy my daily burden, like nothing I could have ever perceived.

I’m the first to take action and the last one to rest,
To all these precious souls I give my all, my very best.

This life I’ve been called to, few others could handle or even comprehend,
No time for myself or to have lunch with a friend.

My husband adores me, sees me as superior to most,
Yet I never put on heirs, never brag, never boast.

I do more in a day than many accomplish in a week,
I forgive everyday and turn the other cheek.

I train up my children in the way they should go,
I sacrifice more for them all than they will ever know.

I’m not always popular, often seem unfair in their eyes,
But I do what is right and best for their lives.

I now carry yet another special gift from God above,
This new life inside me, whom I can’t wait to love.

Like the others, she will add to my work to be done,
As well as to this legacy of love I’ve already begun.

Though I will never be given all the thanks I am owed,
My sweet children do appreciate and love me so.

I’m a strong Godly woman, I live my life for others,
My name is W, and I am a mother.

Written by: JW