Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our latest family photos!

I would love to give a word of advertisement to Katie and Chris of 6 of Four Creations. (look them up in you are interested) They do a phenomenal job of exceptional photography. Thanks again for capturing our family so well. Click below to see our latest:

Family Fall Fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My views on the Election

I have been writing this post in my mind for days now. I have toiled over how to say just the right words to let others know my thoughts and points on the election. BUT when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter what I think, it is what the Lord thinks. I have spent no other election in prayer myself as I know many others have been praying themselves.

I have been shocked to see the negativity that has come about and the sinfulness of our own selfishness and greed to get OUR talking points across to others. I was shocked to hear of one woman in New Jersey that now has to take a man to court because he took her "McCain-Palin" sign out of her own front yard, ripped it apart in front of her children and called him a horrible explitive in front of her kids. I know this is not a representation of all people voting for Obama or that are anti-McCain, but how dissapointing that in America people have come to such heights of sin over an election.

I myself will be voting proudly for John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4. My list of reasons mainly include their views on PRO-LIFE and issues on the American family as historically understood in the BIBLE. Some of you may remember what God's word says about these issues, but have forgotten so many of the true morals our country was founded on.

Another reason he has won my vote is because of his military service and dedication he has shown to our country. I myself had a grandfather that served our nation in the military, many great uncles, cousins, and a brother that currently serves in the United States Air Force. He himself has served several different times in the Middle East, and I have watched as he has fought for all our country stands for. The entire concept that a man stayed by choice as Prisoner of War says a lot about his character. The fact that Sarah Palin herself when given a choice to abort a child with Downs Syndrome knew that God was the creator of her child and would never do such a thing is why she will get my vote.

My intent is not to "Dog" Barack Obama if you will, but I in no way have any respect for a man that cannot even provide true documents regarding his own citizenship of our country, has befriended a terrorist, and was a member of a church that teaches to hate the white man. Say what you will, but this is my blog and my choice!! I have had it!! It is time for christians to fall facedown before God and pray for the fate of our nation. I am so hurt that so many christians have been decieved by Obama's agenda and even chose a running mate that predicts a horrible testing of our country if Obama is elected. WHAT is that?

Our media is definitely one-sided and it is apparent that they are liberal and side with America's left. Those of you that truly know my heart for God and for children, must know why I have come to these conclusions and it in no way reflects my love and acceptance for any of you. I just feel it is time for me to vent my feelings regarding what I believe in.

A few more things:
I found this on Catholic Vote's youtube commercial "the American family must be strengthened, not redefined."

Please read a letter by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, it is long and lengthy, but must be read by any christian voting in two weeks: click here It is lengthy, but well researched and worth reading, please go to it.

Please notice I have not left an option for comments this time, sorry, but this is my blog and my time to say what I want, I in no way want to give others a chance to voice their hate for my view. I am however praying that minds and hearts will be opened to the TRUTH!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rob's Airshow today

My brother Rob serves as #7 for the United States Air Force Thunderbird team. What a group!! Let me tell you it is a sight no words can describe. Especially while the team performs to songs such as "God Bless America". We went to Dobbins Air Base today for a show. His assignment will be over at the end of this year and we have so enjoyed his time with the Thunderbirds. Especially for the entertainment it has brought to my family. Thanks again Rob for an awesome time.

For those of you that live in my town, you may have heard him Wednesday around 2:45 PM, that was him flying over our house and my parent's house. Many people have told me they heard it. (He must have some pretty cool credentials to fly that low!) He was at my house, then in town in less than 5 seconds. He made it to Marietta in 6 minutes.

Enjoy the pictures, we didn't take many as I forgot our good camera at home. Thanks A, for always having your handy digital in tow. Enjoy a few pictures from today:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's getting down to the Wire PEOPLE-start praying!

My friend, Jmom at lots of Scotts posted this last week, I had to pass on!

This is from the non-partisan Word of God. (Author of prayer guide not noted.)

Psalm 32:6-7 --- Pray that all will be motivated to pray faithfully for this election and that the Lord would deliver us from the wrong leaders.

Psalm 16:7-8 --- Pray that the Lord would give wise counsel and guidance to His choice for president in this campaign.

Proverbs 16:13 --- Pray that our nation will listen to the truth and not be led astray.

Psalm 18:32-36 --- Pray that the Lord would arm the man of His choice with strength; that He would guide him in battle (this election), and that He would sustain him and give him victory.

2 Thess. 1: 4---Pray that God's man could, through faith, persevere and maintain his courage throughout this election.

Psalm 125 --- Pray that those who trust in the Lord will not be shaken.

Psalm 64: 2-10 --- Pray that the Lord would defeat those who have no regard for Him in this election.

2 Cor. 12:9 --- Pray that the Lord would empower and enable His man in any area of weakness.

II Kings 13:16 --- Pray that the Lord would put His hands on the man of His choice for president (and his team) and guide them in this election.

Proverbs 1:5-6 --- Pray that God's man will listen with discernment, add to his knowledge, and receive wise counsel in this campaign.

John 16:33 --- Pray that the man of God's choice would be given wisdom and ability from the Lord to overcome any obstacle or difficulty during this campaign.

Acts 17:30 --- Pray for repentance for yourself and for our nation.

Luke 12:54-57--- Pray that God's man and our nation will be discerning and do what is right.

Phil. 4:13 --- Pray that the Lord's choice for President will have special strength and unusual ability from God.

Habakkuk 1:5 and 3:2 --- Pray that the Lord would do something that would utterly amaze us and give His servant victory.

Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14---'If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.'

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Break-Give me More S'mores!

This past weekend the kids enjoyed a long weekend and a break from school. Which of course meant a little more entertainment from Mom and Dad. The kids wanted to do our family ritual of a large bonfire and s'mores, but due to high winds Sunday evening, we resorted to our small chimenea instead. Now. . . for a normal family of 4-6 that would be fine, but for our current family size on 12, well, the marshmallows were a little crowded.
Enjoy the photos. OH and if you will notice, Fiona showed up for a few smores as well.

Enjoy the photos

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"You get the Best of Both Worlds"

As I am typing this post, I am thinking of my two biological daughters that I did indeed "bring home from the hospital". S and ME were our first daughters prior to starting this ministry. Their birthdays fall a literal 10 days apart so at times it has been easier to combine their celebrations and do one big PARTY!! This summer they began planning a "Hannah Montana" party that would be at the roller skating rink. Hysterical. One was to be Miley and one was to be Hannah.

As you can see here that would work as one is blond and one is brunette.

The plan began to hatch and they would invite their classes, close family friends, church friends, and relatives. As the date arrived and they talked more and more about their party. . . it hit me. God has blessed me with two totally different girls. Literally. . I get the best of both worlds. Blond/brunnette. Introvert/Extrovert. Submissive/Strong willed. Quiet in a crowd/the life of the crowd. One wanted Vanilla cake/one wanted a chocolate cake. They are both so different in their own ways, but yet can be so close at times. I thank God for my precious girls and celebrate their differences instead of comparing. Each has their own unique qualities that were "fearfully and wonderfully made" by their Creator. I got nothin to do with it!! They are great girls and we had a blast at their party. Enjoy.

Hannah (AKA Sally) blowing out her NINE candles! I can't believe it.

Miley (AKA ME) getting ready to blow out SIX candles!

Meet Hannah!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What sickness can do to a person!

Friday night, as J and I returned home from a night out with friends, it hit me, A STOMACH VIRUS!! Oh no, I thought as it started, was it my dinner from The Varsity? was it shopping in WalMart yesterday? where did I get this? The virus continued violently through the night and even into the next evening, a true 24 hour bug. Oh, the pity I felt for myself. Oh the sadness that I had to miss the annual fair with my family. Oh the frustration at all the things I had to do this weekend and didn't get to. Even yesterday I had to miss out on a planned outing with girlfriends. AND still by Sunday evening did not feel like getting out of my bed much.

As I lay there motionless all day Saturday, I could think of nothing else, but what is wrong with me? Am I going to get dehydrated? Should I call a doctor? Well. . . I did thanks to Dr. P-joni's hubby, he resuced me with advice and the reassurance I was not indeed dying. Why is it we do that? I realized that there are so many suffering in the world daily, a pitiful 24 hours certainly did not kill me, but I wallowed in my sorrow and self-pity over this simple illness. Do I not realize all of those that hurt in pain each day. God has definitely blessed me with great health, but instead I looked inward to my own grief.

I wonder so many times why in James it speaks of considering it a joy when we suffer? What? A Joy? BUT as I am now again in the land of the living and maturing daily in my walk with Christ, I realize it is throught the bad times, sickness, and suffering that Christ teaches me more about being thankful and giving him joy and praise!! Isn't that amazing what a simple virus can do to a person? On the other hand I am so grateful he healed me, I did not get too dehydrated, and someone was there to remind me I would recover.

And a big applause for my husband that totally pulled the weight this weekend while I was down for the count. Plus, he won me a giant stuffed Fiona (the princess from Shrek) at the fair. He said the kids picked it out because I was feeling a little green. I awoke Saturday to her laying beside me and I about screamed! Thanks sweet family for pulling your weight.