Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad of Eleven

I feel I must take time away from my awesome birthday at the beach to post about the Father of Eleven. He is truly the man behind the Mom of Eleven and I cannot take all the credit. Now, if you notice the post before this, he took the time to write a precious post about me in honor of my birthday. I am in no way trying to "repay" him or make you all throw up from cheesiness. BUT I must since it is Father's Day.

My precious husband can best be described as sacrificial. He is one that honestly thinks of others before himself and wants to serve. He has spent this entire day INSIDE. AT THE BEACH.. . with our newborn baby, being a father, so I could have a day outside on my birthday. Not once has he complained, whined or argued about seeing the ocean or even stepping foot out of the house, but rather, "enjoy your day".

He sacrifices more than others will ever know. No one else but I can understand the sacrifices he has had to make because of the life we lead. It is hard for a man, to leave the "workforce" of the world and become, JUST A DAD. He has handled it with dignity and diligence and has stayed true to his calling of service for the LORD. He is passionate about Christ and his life verse Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine that others may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven", is exemplified daily in tasks many do not even see.

His children, all 12 of them, will never know the hours of work, prayer, heartache, happiness, and service he has devoted to them. He is the dad of all dads if you ask me, and I couldn't be prouder.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Wendy!

First of all, i must inform you that this is not Mom of eleven...this is her man, her sugar babe, the light of her life. Well, more like her dim glow from an old lamp bulb. Actually, I like to refer to myself as the very thing that completes her. Yes, let's go with that.
My original intention was to sneak into this blog and post a happy birthday message as a surprise, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Truth be told, I felt like I do when my children ask me to help them with a math problem. My eyeballs get a bit dry, my ears felt a little warm and my neck started to itch. So, I had to break down and ask her.
Before I begin telling you all how wonderful she is, I feel rather convicted to make a brief confession. Part of being a real man (and the physical specimen that I am) is being strong and secure enough to admit when you're wrong. So, I don't mind if you enjoy this.
For starters, I always thought this "blogging" thing was a little silly. Honestly, I teased W about this in the beginning until I became a little jealous. It seemed as if she'd rather "post" to all you "bloggers" rather than fellowship with me and tell me how cute and funny I am. Thankfully, that bitterness I was harboring in my heart was short lived as I soon came to a very strange yet very real and interesting conclusion. This "posting" and "blogging" has become a very positive aspect in her life. Not only has it served as a wonderful outlet for her, but some of you have encouraged her in ways that I'm simply not capable of. For that, I offer my sincere appreciation.
I must also admit that I have grown to enjoy reading what she writes as well as some of the comments you all respond with. I was so worried that if I got sucked into this world, I would develop strange cravings for tiny cucumber sandwiches, sudden urges to run out for a "mani" or a "pedi" or find myself longing for a cozy weekend of Lifetime Movie Marathons. I am pleased to report that none of my fears came to fruition.
I feel safe in assuming that the male voice, or opinion if you will, is seldom heard or even sought in this particular circle so harnessing my desire to share a "husband's point of view" for a change is proving quite difficult. However, my focus for this post is my wonderful wife, so the truth in love about us guys will have to wait.
This Sunday, June 21, my sweet wife will celebrate her 35th year of life...23 of them I've been blessed to be a part of. Now, those of you that know W, can attest to my statements as more than true. As for those of you who don't know her personally, be encouraged. You have interacted with one of the greatest women alive.
Thanks to my mother, I have a genuine and sincere respect for all women. All of you are beautiful creations. But W always seemed to stand out above the rest in my eyes.
W, Happy Birthday sweetie. Thank you for loving me, especially when it's not easy. I so often take you for granted and I rarely love you as Christ loved the Church. I simply do not deserve you. You are my best friend and I thank you for giving life to my four little angels. You're what makes this multitude of people that live in our home a family. Thank you for sharing your life with me...I love you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet Ann Claire

We somehow managed to get the kids up to the hospital that first night! They were all speechless!

I wanted to go ahead and post some pictures from the past two days. Hopefully I can soon find time to post her birth story, it's a good one!

Enjoy and meet our newest angel!

Her first picture with mom and dad!

Mom stealing a first kiss

A very proud Nana and Memom

The biological siblings come meet her for the first time

We had to steal S away from her two week camp session to get a quick meeting in!

M. E. could not wait to be a big sister!

I think J's smile says it all!

Her sweet, dark eyes finally opened up for a moment!

Mom and Ann Claire steal a minute of sleep together

Look at that angel!

She's Here!

Ann Claire arrived Wednesday morning, June 10 at 10:35 AM! She came fast, and is a little doll. She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. We are home, and I will post pictures later!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Well, it's a Week later and still no baby girl!

I wanted to give an update that we are still awaiting the arrival of Baby Ann Claire. All of my biological babies had been born at this point, so we are all baffled at God's mystery with this one.

I have decided it is because I am actually ready, organized and packed this time. Isn't that just like God, I think He loves to make us wait. . learn patience. . .and teaches us constantly that all things are in HIS timing.

So many women have said to me,"just wait til June 7-8, that night there is a full moon!" Taking whatever advice I could at this point, I listened, well it is Monday morning, and still no baby!

Our doctor has agreed that he would induce on Wednesday morning, June 10, if I still haven't gone into labor on my own. Of course I had rather nature take its course, but our summer is scheduled down to the T, and we can't wait. (sorry God)

So. . I have a few more last minute things, lists for sitters, casseroles to freeze, and bills to mail. . .we will keep everyone posted soon!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Her room is ready!

In my anxious state of boredom and waiting. . . I thought I would post about Ann Claire's room. We are totally ready except for the rocking chair cushions that will be delivered in the morning. Yay! We had fun decorating her room and totally went with the theme: chocolate and pink. I think this one turned out to be my favorite baby's room to decorate.

J even painted random pink polka dots on the chocolate bathroom walls, this turned out really cute!

One of my favorites in her room, a gift from my shower hostesses. It says, "little girls dance and twirl" and the bunnies are dressed in pink and chocolate!