Saturday, September 29, 2007

SURF'S UP, DUDE!! (In September?)

Sweet, sweet S has turned 8. My how time flies. Have you ever heard the saying the days go by so slow, but the years go by so fast? It is so true. It seems like yesterday she was our only child toddling around our house, and now she is 8. The years have flown. God has been so good to her and is working in her life. I am so very proud of her.
She wanted to have a surf's up party, I begged her since it was getting so cool to change to something else. She wanted to have the "Big Kahuna", a huge slide that can be used wet or dry. We made the call to slide in our bathing suits yesterday afternoon, but once the sun set behind the trees, and the wind started to blow; the kids were blue!!! They never stopped though.
My favorite part of the party was when her sweet and precious friends made up a cheer to to spell out her name and wish her a happy birthday. Thank you Lord for precious girls in her life that influence her in a positive way. She is now infatuated with Webkinz and received about 8 from her friends. All in all the party was a success and the most important part was that she had a blast. Surf's UP!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Live a Life of No Regrets

Tuesday was a big day for J and I. We had the honor of attending the funeral of a dear woman to celebrate her life and journey into heaven. Our sweet friend who was a true member of the family we work for lost the 7 year battle to cancer. From the beginning she was always open, honest, and forthright about her diagnosis and her fight against the disease. After many weeks of suffering with her liver, she was sent home from the hospital, Hospice came in, and she began to tell her family, children, grandchildren and friends goodbye.
Her sweet husband told us the story at the visitation Monday night that on Friday afternoon, he was able to hold his wife's face, just as he did on his wedding day and watch her literally go to heaven. Her last words were "to God be the Glory". Her funeral was a beautiful one, although we are all sad and will miss her contagious laughter, it was precious to see her family smiling at all of the stories and moments shared by those who spoke.
We literally left there, drove two hours home to our school's benefit dinner in which we heard a phenonmenal speaker, Robert Rogers. His main message is Live a Life of NO Regrets, we do this by KNOWing God. His story is about how 4 years ago, he literally lost his entire family, wife and four children, when their van was caught in a flash flood. Their van was swept away, they were trapped, and could not get out. He was the only survivor. BUT that is not the end of the story, he speaks of true redemption and wholeness that comes in our despair when Christ takes over and makes us whole. What victory we have in death because of Christ's death for us. AMEN!!! He is now remarried and has a new baby. God is so good!!! He has a vision to open 5 orphanages across the 5 continents in honor of each family member. He just opened his first one in Russia in honor of his wife. His website is Please view it to learn more about his ministry.
Okay, so after a day at a funeral and after hearing Robert Rogers speak about living each moment as it is your last because we never know when our entire family could be gone in a second. Wow. I was so worn out last night, but hit with the emotion that I worry entirely too much with details, I MUST enjoy my children in the moments we are in each day. For the Bible does say, our lives are merely a vapor or a mist in the spectrum of eternity, PLEASE cherish each moment with your children. You never know what God's plan is or how he will use you. That could even mean tragedy could strike for the greater good of HIS kingdom.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Slumber Party

S, K, and Little T went to their first slumber party last night. Whew!!! Our sweet friends hosted and even made it to church with all of them. Needless to say, after naps this afternoon, the girls can't stop talking about all the fun they had. Our friends that hosted have also graciously asked for no calls after 5 PM today so they can all sleep. My girls reported they stayed up until 1 AM, hysterical. They had a blast as they got their toenails painted, lots of food and cake, movies, music, make up and great girl time. Thanks for inviting them!!!

I still remember the first time my mom let me have a sleepover. I was probably about 8 or 9 just like these girls. I remember late in the evening after numerours attempts to get us all to sleep, I overhead my mom say, "I will give a dime to whomever goes to sleep right now"!! Isn't that great!!! A dime, whew, it would take a lot more bribery to get kids to go on to sleep these days, including my 3. I am sure the stimulation of new toys and friends in a new house had all the girls so excited, not one of them could dream of falling asleep before midnight even struck 12.

They had a blast!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am Humbled

I just wanted to send a word out to all of you that I am so humbled so many of you are reading this crazy blog. I have now installed a "stat counter" that keeps track of how many times this blog is hit a day. I am overwhelmed that it is getting about 100 hits a day. I honestly thought a few of you may be checking it every now and then, but wow, I had no idea that many of you were reading.

Please know I am honored and humbled that so many of you are even interested in the crazy, chaotic life we live. Please keep in mind I am no expert on raising kids, living a Godly life daily, or being a perfect wife. I am continuing to pray that God will use anything I might say for His glory. You have no idea how supported I feel as we continue in our ministry. Thanks for all your support, love, and prayers as we serve God daily through loving these kids.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Quotes for the Day

The following are quotes or things I said today:
"no J. you cannot have chips for breakfast."
"I will leave here with the items I ordered 6 weeks ago!!" (after driving an hour to the Uniform store to find out our order had been taken to our school that very morning)
"They are very cute, and she is telling it hello". (after meeting a friend for coffee and noticing her daughter LOVES the balls outside of Target)
"A frappucino is like a yummy coffee milkshake"
"I need our monthly prescription of psychotropics" (to the nurse at the pediatricians' office)
"No m'am we do not need anymore dining reservations for Disney, we booked our Pooh and Princess meals long ago"
"M, do you remember if we made you pay for your class ring or did we buy it?" (As her younger sister brought home her pamphlet to order)
"Why are you all brushing your teeth and watching?" (As one is doing her science project on bacteria in the mouth-GROSS)
"No K, you may not call your friend tonight that you got in trouble with for talking during Seatwork"
"Why were there broken crayons in your bed little T?"
"4 hours of practice a week for mock trial?"
"yes, cancel the order of Men's Health!!!"
"I need to schedule to appointments for psychologicals"
"Do you think you can put pink surfboards and a hula girl on that birthday cake?"
"Yes, I will bring the photo albums by sometime soon" (pictures I ordered in early July)
"Can I call you right back, my caseworker is here" ( never called her back, sorry)
"I have no money left"(after writing out my bills)
"R, I do not want to tell you every time the trash needs to go out".
"B, can you clean up the cucumber peelings that slung all over the inside of the trashcan?"
"Don't spin him too fast, he just took is antibiotic."
"you already need new tap shoes, I just bought some in August!!"

It has been a long day, I think I have said enough

Friday, September 14, 2007

Medium Rare

Tonight as my girls were bathing in my bathroom, I have to confess, I was checking out my backside in my too tight blue jeans I had on today. Why is it that jeans are too tight in the morning, then by bedtime they are sagging? I guess it's the stretch fabric in so many jeans these days. Anyway, the following conversation takes place.
S: Mom what are you looking at?
Me: I am checking out how my bottom looks in these jeans.
S: Well, it's kinda fat, kinda not.
thanks a lot for telling me that
S: Well, Mom, I am just saying it is Medium Rare, that's all.
Me: Laughing very loud, well thanks S, I think you are Medium Rare too.

Oh, the stuff they say.
Too cute.
I love her.

Rainy Days

It is a rainy day here in North Georgia. We have not had a good rain really since July. I love it. Fall is in the air, it is a bit cooler, I even wore jeans today. There is a need to turn on the lamps and indoor lighting, if I even close my eyes I can convince myself it is cold outside instead of humid. (the only con of today is that little J is feeling crummy from a leftover cold and ear infection)

I cannot wait for fall to officially be here. I even noticed myself sniffing the "fall" scented candles at Wal-mart today. Of course J said, "I mell, I mell it". He loved it too. ME picked out her Halloween costume she got so into it. (Sleeping Beauty and she ripped the top of it once we got home because she couldn't wait for me to cut it out of the cardboard) Thanks for my mom who gets to sew it up already!!! S came home from school and said, where is it from, I said Wal-Mart, she said figures, their stuff always rips. Hysterical.

Well we are enjoying our rainy day here. I hope many of you in the South are getting some of this well needed beautiful rain from God.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Blog you have got to check out!!!

Honestly, reading this mom's blog was one of the best laughs I have had in a while. Please read
The mom that wrote this blog began her writing journey once her kids "snuck" Pokemon cards into her buggy at the grocery store. (thanks A for sending it to me) How many of us have dragged ourselves and our kids through the store and thought, I have got to write this down, well she did. The outpouring cries around the world have led this mom to become someone who's blog gets thousands of hits a day. Once the kids, "stole" the cards (she realized it once she got home)she posted the cards on ebay with a hilarious story explaining what a trip to the store is like for her. I honestly laughed out loud and had tears in my eyes as I read her account of this trip. I believe she said the first day she had 44,000 hits or so on ebay. Hysterical. She seems totally humbled by the experience as she is just like us, everyday moms just making to bedtime. I promise you will not be disappointed if you find her blog.

It led me to a memory of my own attempt to take many, not all, of my kids to the grocery store one summer when I was pregnant with J. It was actually to super Wal-mart and it was not a pretty sight. I typically travel to the grocery store alone while everyone is away at school or preschool or just take little J with me. Yes, I have to go to the grocery store at least 4 times every 7-8 days. Most grocery stores simply don't make carts big enough for more than 2-3 days of stuff for us. The new Kroger in our town does (those from my town know it will always be the "new" Kroger) Funny since it is now the only one. I am sure many of you have your own grocery store tales. Every mom does!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Planning a Trip to Disney World!!!

Well, what can I say, my inner child has talked me into it yet again. That's right, we are headed to Orlando in October with 10 of our children. The kids are soo super excited and are even counting down the days on a dry erase board. I myself am getting fired up as I am heavily researching "insider tips". (Those who know me well, are you shocked?) Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know my computer time will be spent analyzing as much info on Disney as I can. Does anyone have any great tips? I would love any advice.

My favorite funny story happened when we took 11 kids two years ago. My sweet hubby, J, staked out a spot for the parade right in front of the castle, literally two hours before the parade. (Tip: take along a beach towel, then spread it out to help save your spot) Once the parade started, J, who is 6'5" stood up to video for the kids. The guy behind him said, "oh un-uh". J turned and said, "what did you just say?". I immediately said, "J, the kids are watching you." I honestly thought, oh great, here we go, they are going to fight at Disney World. About that time the guy says, "hey man, this is Disney World, we're all miserable". The two men immediately shook hands and said, "yeah, you're right, sorry". And Jonathan then squatted to accomodate the man's view. Is that not great? We'll see what happens this time. I have taken all my biological children at age 2, this will be J's first time. I can't wait to see his face!!!

Here's what we are planning so far. We have two cabins at Wilderness Resort, (that should save on food since we have two small kitchens there), we are going on weekdays in October, we have secured a reservation in Epcot for a Princess Storybook lunch (many of you know it is impossible to get into Cinderella's, so we went for the low key one. Any other tips, I would love to hear.

I will keep everyone posted and of course post photos once we get back. Wish me luck and pray for us.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

End of an Era

( I guess little J has to use Strawberry Shortcake swimmies, since he's the youngest after NINE sisters)

Labor Day marks the end of summer each year for many families. For us this year, it not only marks the end of a season, but an end in a big chapter of our lives. You see, Horseleg Plantation Country Club has closed. It seems to not have been around that long to many people, but oh it has. You see, originally the club was built for GE employees and was called GEAA. (Many Romans remember this) The reason I tell you this is because this is where J, my husband, swam from the time he was a small boy until this past Monday. (J even lifeguarded there in college while we dated) The original pool is still in the ground from the good ole days. Even though a beautiful golf course was updated, a club house was built, and even now a gorgeous neighborhood surrounding the fence around the pool has been added, the original property still stands as a huge memory for our family.

We joined the newly rennovated club in 1999 when I was pregnant with S. That summer, I would literally float in the pool during my summer break from teaching, she was born that next September. From that year on, the pool has been our main family outing each day. Once we started our foster home family, our outings to the pool also grew. Each trip included 13 beach towels, a ton of sunscreen, countless hot dogs and slush puppies, too many masks and goggles to count, lots of swimmies, noodles and floats have all gone away, but our fond memories of the "POOL" remain. We have no where to go now, as a private investor bought the entire club, and has "stated" he will close it. (I wish this man could have seen S's face when I told her, remember she has gone there since she was an infant) My kids have learned to swim there and I will never forget it!!!

Goodbye summer and goodbye Horseleg.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mommy Came Home!!!

Mommy is home from a great weekend with dear friends from college. J ( our two year old) screamed through the house "Mommy came home!!!" once I entered the house, to which everyone came running out from every nook and cranny to see if I was really there. Too cute!!
I had a great time and love this trip each year. We have all finally realized we are just boring mommies now and love sitting around on the beach yapping much more than anything else. It was perfect!!! We had perfect weather, beautiful water, and great conversations. But most importantly lots and lots of laughter, screams, and memories.

This trip became a tradition in 1997 when we all realized after college, we had to find a time to get back together since our 96' graduation. Labor Day became the chosen weekend and each year as many of us as possible have continued to attend. Only two faithful ones have been all 11 years. (way to go C and J) Usually the only reason for not attending is pregnancy, nursing, or a very close due date. (what we give up for our children!!) Anyway, this trip continues to be a highlight that marks the end of summer, but is a reminder that good friendships never fade. We always just pick up where we left off and the most hilarious stories from college are usually re-hashed at some point every year.

Thanks L for sending the pictures. I had a great time girls and can't wait for next year. How was re-entry back into mommyhood? I love you all!! I've added a few memories for my girls out there:
-"I couldn't really remember which one was our house"
-the fact that S. S. really is famous and you can google her and none of us!!
-the fact that you can google A's big and she is dancing
-"J, there's a roach crawling on the couch right behind you"
-there were 37 children at home without us (well two were in bellies)
-let's remember an 8:45 dinner reservation is way, way past our bedtime!!

My sweet and awesome hubby had all 11 for the weekend, way to go J, I am so blessed by you.