Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ME pulls her first loose tooth!

M. E. has had a very busy month regarding her sweet little teeth. A few weeks ago our poor little angel had to have minor dental surgery to take care of some pretty bad cavities that had developed. Unfortunately her molars are all so close together, even the tiniest dental floss can barely make it through the spaces, which also makes the perfect breeding ground for cavity bugs. Yuck!

Due to the extent of her tooth decay, we all decided to put her to sleep to take care of the problem at one time, as also not to traumatize her from the dentist for life! She handled this beautifully, as did I. (I was very worried about the anesthesia and her little body's response to it)

She also began working on her first loose tooth this month and developed a very regular habit of tugging, wiggling and working as hard as she could to get it out. A couple of weeks ago, she came home from school and looked like Nanny McPhee

We encouraged and encouraged her to let us pull it, but to no avail, she wouldn't have it. By this point, the tooth was literally hanging on in her little mouth. J told her through her bathroom door she had 1 minute to pull it herself or he was coming in. She begged, "no 3 minutes, please." (please understand a simple tug would have pulled it right out) After 30 seconds we heard a joyous, "I got it, I got it." And we opened the door to see this:

Tears of relief and Joy!

I have never seen her more proud of herself. . .she then continued to jump and scream through the house, "I did it, I got it out all by myself." She then proceeded to call her grandparents to tell them the news.

Bragging rights!

Can you believe the tooth fairy gave her 5 whole dollars for that thing? She is now furiously working on front tooth #2 so she can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" during the holiday season. Keep wiggling!

R turns 15!

R is one of our only two boys, bless his soul!! I will say this, he will make a great husband one day as he has lived with all of these women! We celebrated R's birthday this month with his requested meal. . . Nana's homemade potato soup. One might say, what an unusual request, but this is not just your ordinary soup, it is divine!! I must say that Nana was quite honored with the request and even a little tearful as she mentioned it was her high during our high/low game at dinner.

For those of you that have never played this with your family. . we simply go around the table and list our highs and lows of the day, the kids just think it is a game. . no one actually wins or loses, but it is a great way to re-connect after a long day. My kids are faithful to bring up the game when we all sit down together.

R had a good time and we can't believe he is 15. Although, not quite ready to get behind a car, we did tell him he could begin to study for his learner's test, maybe down the road he can actually take it. R came to live with us at age 9 and has grown to a fine, young man. He loves his favorite sport, wrestling, and has just begun his first high school season.

Happy Birthday R!

My crazy life as Mom of Eleven

Greetings to all my friends in Blog land. My life as mom of eleven has occupied me this month beyond my expectations. The activities have been galore as well as our news!! We found out this month we will be expecting #12!! Yes. . . you read it right, I might even have to change my blog to "Cheaper by the Dozen". God has blessed us with the news of another miracle that will be coming into our lives early summer/late spring. Date to be announced upon arrival. . my children seem to make up their own due dates, as all of them do.

The kids are super excited and S, age 9, even asked me today "is that really healthy for the baby?" as I was eating Cocoa Pebbles. I explained, well, when you are 10 weeks pregnant, you eat only what you feel you can stomach, and I figure that Post has fortified enough vitamins for the kids, so it's good enough for the baby! (plus that pre-natal vitamin afterwards surely helps)

Beyond that thrill, life has been crazy with birthdays, loose teeth, minor surgeries for two kids, collecting 4100 shoeboxes at our church, Christmas recitals, lots of homework and projects, Thanksgiving programs, and just day to day life. I hope to spend this week catching up the blog with all of our fun times we have been having as to have some type of documentation that life in fact did happen.

Please help us pray for our new life we are thrilled to welcome. Please pray for God to give me energy to make it past 5:00 in the evening, as by then I feel like heading to bed. . . I am 10 years older than I was when I had S.

Enjoy catching up on all of our news!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Family Fun-2008

We enjoyed our night with a stop at Pops' and Memom's for a little trick or treating. We were pleasantly surprised when a friend from school stopped by to trick or treat as well.

K and I( our friend from school) They were dressed exactly alike and we didn't even plan it.

This year we had the Bratz (top row), a cat, a green dragon, an Atlanta Ballet prima ballerina, a cowgirl, and a Blue Fairy, whew what a crowd

We then loaded up the gang and headed to Nana and Papa's for yummy soup and chili. We decided it might be best to fill up our tummies before we loaded up on candy. We then enjoyed strolling the streets of their neighborhood and gathering lots of goodies to enjoy.

It's amazing how silly they get with a little sugar high!

K enjoying the "lips" Nana and Papa gave us.

M. E. patiently awaiting trick or treaters.