Monday, July 21, 2008

More fun at the Lake

This weekend, our couples' small group from church got together with families to enjoy a little fun at the lake. Thank you Morgan's for hosting all of us.

It was a great time to re-connect and just enjoy each other. PLUS, S got up on skis for the first time. Whoo-hoo!

Almost there, I loved the expression on this photo.

S got up for the first time!!

BEFORE!! M and M give it a whirl with Mrs. M.


Look MOM, no hands!!

G and ME enjoyed a fun time together.

Little T enjoyed LOTS of boatrides!

K gave it a try and ALMOST got up!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday J!!

I am so happy to celebrate the life of such a wonderful man. This year for our birthday's J's mom has been giving us a bit of birthday meaning in our cards, this was written by Henri Nouwen from Here and Now.

"Birthdays need to be celebrated. I think it is more important to celebrate a birthday than a successful exam, a promotion, or a victory. Because to celebrate a birthday means to say to someone: "Thank you for being you." Celebrating a birthday is exalting life and being glad for it. On a birthday we do not say: "thanks for what you did, or said, or accomplished." No, we say: "Thank you for being born and for being among us."

On birthdays we celebrate the present. We do not complain about what happened or speculate about what will happen, but we lift someone up and let everyone say: "We love you."

Celebrating a birthday reminds us of the goodness of life, and in this spirit we really need to celebrate people's birthdays everyday, by showing gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, and affection. These are ways of saying: "it's good that you are alive; it's good that you are walking with me on this earth. Let's be glad and rejoice. This is the day God has made for us to be and to be together."

I just love that, don't you. Birthdays just celebrate them. So. . Happy Birthday to my precious husband, best friend, co-sojourner in ministry, and soul mate in life.
So sorry sweetie, you have to wear the birthday hat just like everyone else!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tag, I', m it!

Several weeks ago, I was tagged by several other people, so sorry I have not responded, so here you have it:

What I was doing 10 years ago
1. Teaching first grade, living in a tiny house that WE LOVED, it was our first.
2. Planning to start a family. Had just suffered from a molar pregnancy. (June of 1998) Wow! What God has done to create our family in just 10 short years.
3. Teaching Big T, she was a first grader in my class that year. Now she is one of my precious girls God has given me to raise.

Favorite Snacks
Cheese straws
Cashews or pecans
Salt and Vinegar Chips (georgia mother got me on these long ago)

To Do list:
Exchange a gift
pick up a birthday cake
wrap gifts for J's birthday

Jobs I have Had:
Office Assistant at a Summer Camp
Office Assistant to a Professor in College
First grade school teacher
Retail clothing
Youth Director/Intern

Places I have lived
North Georgia, Atlanta, back to North Georgia, Birmingham for College, Back to North Georgia

Bad Habits
I shop WAY too much.
I have way too much interest in clothes
I eat too much junk food

5 Random things people might not know
1. I sing and play the piano.
2. I was a cheerleader in high school
3. My husband and I were Homecoming King and Queen, How cheesy is that? (I love it though)
4. We have 11 kiddos! (does anyone not know that?)
5. I am a PK (preacher's kid)

Cd's I would want if stranded on an island:
Anything Praise and Worship

What I would do if I was a BillionaireI don't know where to start, I would legally adopt all of our children.

Give and give to missionaries

Start a foundation similar to the one we work for and help kids!!

Give to God in as many ways as we could

I would definitely build us an even bigger house. AND have a MAID, one person to do laundry and one person to cook! That way I could just be a mom and play with my kids more.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enjoying some new family toys!

Just thought we would throw in another full day to an already busy weekend. We just had to get to the lake to try out our new family toys!!

It's always good to take a Sunday afternoon to enjoy:

A really good book!!

Lots of fun and surprises!!

A little bright summer sunshine in the eyes!

A little time with Mom!

A little time with Dad!

A little girl time!

A little tubing together!

A little bit of learning!

And LOTS of laughter!

Thank you, Thank you, thank you to Nana and Papa for our new BIG toy!!

J turns THREE!!!

I have procrastinated all weekend about even posting on J's birthday. I guess it's because I can't believe it is really here. My little baby is now 3. 3 is a big deal for me and my emotions on parenting. I can't really explain it, but I find myself stuck somewhere in between wondering: what happened? when did they get so big? where is my baby? potty-training? Again?. 3 means they are no longer a toddler, but a preschooler, 3 means a big boy bed, 3 days in preschool each week, 3 means potty-trained for sure, and it also means for me that it is my last baby growing up. Whew! Sorry to be so sappy, but this is a hard one for me.

The first thing J asked me yesterday morning when he woke up was: "Am I going to grow up big all the way just today?" He has constantly heard me say, "When you are 3, you will be a big boy." Bless his sweet heart, he thought he would be big all in one day. How literal he is and how I must take note of that for days to come.

Enjoy the photos below of a fun party we had here at home. I know, I know, but I just wasn't up for a big soiree' this year. Maybe it's because we have 11 summer birthdays from May-August. I just couldn't drum up the energy this year. BUT, J did have all he wished for: lots and lots of DINOSAURS!!

Does he not look just as yummy as his birthday cake? I could just eat him up!

J and Nana celebrating together as hers was on the 11th. Happy Birthday to Nana too!

J tried several times before he could get his candle out. And yes, there was lots of orange icing on his shirt, he leaned just a little too far over!

J enjoying his Spineasaurus. I have to say this one seems to be his favorite so far.

J got so many books about Dinosaurs. Even a Dinosaur A to Z. We have lots of reading to do this week.

My Little Actress

Our weekend started off with a trip to the library to take in a little theatre. The play, Spideroo, included an aspiring actress, M. E. playing a Butterfly. M. E. has been attending a drama camp this past week, and the last activity included a fabulous play and singing numbers.

M. E. as a precious butterfly in "Spideroo".

Isn't she lovely? I am just a little bit proud!!

This was just the kick-off to a busy weekend. The most precious part was when little brother, J, was called on stage announced by his sister to the audience and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

My favorite part of the show was when M. E. sang a solo in "We're All in This Together", from High School Musical. AND the best part is, she shared with everyone that her dad did dress up once as Ryan and could play the part if her drama teacher ever needed him to.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

After much effort, cleaning, and working on my husband and Nana's part, we headed to the lake for a fun weekend to celebrate the 4th. You would not believe the load of food, floats, pillows, blankets, beach towels, and toys we took with us. We arrived on the 4th in the morning, swam all day, then feasted that evening. J grilled out and we of course dined on baked beans and watermelon. Isn't that the traditional, All-American 4th of July meal? Nana and I both made homemade ice cream as well as a "star" cake. The kids sang to the good ole' USA, but then we didn't even cut the cake we were all so stuffed.

That night we stayed at the cabin. This quaint little cabin has been around since J was a tiny baby, built with his parent's own two hands and blood and sweat. Countless hours of work and labor have gone into creating and maintaining this little lake home. Since our children have been so young lately, we just don't make it over there much. Now little J is bigger and we are able to go and stay a little more. The kids all piled into the cabin and collapsed into a great night's sleep.

We enjoyed the next day and it included lots of swimming and MORE eating. We had a great time, and the best part was the kids got along so well and had a blast playing and bonding!!

Happy Birthday America!!

Get it girl!

J and M enjoying yummy burgers Daddy cooked for them!

We had a yummy 4th of July feast!!

Happy Birthday, Dear America,. . .
Lovin the patriotic Hair-Do!

M decides to take me down. .
Going. . .
Going. . .
GONE! (but notice my hair didn't get wet!)

J decided that Little T made a great pet dog!

Let the good times roll. (or at least a big collection of "yake wocks"!)

Sheer, pure laughter brought by having fun, I loved this photo!

Fun and laughter always strengthens our family bonding!! Too cute!