Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Thaw

Well. . I guess all good things must come to an end. Or maybe they never do? My previous "giddiness" has now turned to insanity. We will be entering our 5th snow day tomorrow morning. The snow WILL NOT GO AWAY. Record breaking lows in Georgia are causing the snow to melt so slowly that roads in our area are still not safe for safe passage.

Today the sun is out and we have a high temp of 32 degrees. . however, I hear dripping in the gutters and liquid on the driveways. The kids have exhausted all "snow" activities, including the building of an snow fort/igloo. (it's still standing, it's so cold) Tonight the weather man is forecasting for a close to record low of 11 degrees. They even used the words "brutally cold" to describe how it will feel outside. Will the snow ever thaw?

I really have loved it. . however we are all just a little stir crazy and buzzing with cabin fever. Today we are venturing out to see a movie as the local theatre is finally opening back up. We even went to our favorite burger dive for burgers and video games. (the kids raided Jon's quarters and played air hockey) It helped, but facing another day tomorrow PLUS the weekend PLUS an already schedule holiday Monday, this mom needs some relief!

Enjoy the snow, I'm praying we won't get anymore for awhile.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Worth the Wait

Our little cottage in the snow!

Last night around 10 PM, as predicted, snow started falling over North Georgia. By midnight, 2 inches had already fallen and it was the most beautiful sight. I can't put into words what I saw, but I'll try. As I headed to bed, I turned out all outside flood lights and as I looked out my front door the sight was perfect. The snow was so bright it literally lit the outside. I could see almost 1/2 a mile in the complete dark. . and it almost had a red, twilight glow about it. Such beauty. The smell and sound of it was beautiful as well.

This morning when the kids awoke it might as well have been Christmas morning. Again. They loved it. They ran from window to window looking to see what every aspect of the outside looked like. The playset. The grill. The front driveway. The bird bath. The picnic table. Precious. They wanted to be the first to our local sledding spot so off we went to dig out snow clothes. When we got there a few college guys had beat us. .they were sledding with a baby pool. Seriously?

I thought I would share a few shots of the fun.

The view from our front door. Gorgeous. This is spot I stood in last night that was lit up just like dawn would look.

Little AC. Today is her 19 month bday! She loved it!

Some of our local scenery. Such beauty!

After a morning of cold fun we are all in. We've had snow cream, hot chocolate, and soup for lunch. I love making fun memories with my kids like this. It is in front of that very chapel where I used to sled with my brothers and where I even walked down the aisle to marry my sweet hubby. God has blessed me with living here to raise my family. The snow is the icing on the top! Enjoy your day wherever you are. . if you live near us, stay warm!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

On waiting and being prepared. . .

At this very moment, a huge winter storm is headed our way. School has been called off for at least tomorrow. We have heeded the warning and spent the weekend preparing. .lots of milk. . 6 gallons in the fridge to be exact. I have stocked up on plenty of food and since the storm called for ice I bought food that could even be cooked on the grill should we lose power. My dad searched on a scavenger hunt all over our campus for their old generator. It ended up in a storage room at the end of our field. . too heavy for Jon to load on his truck so he and the kids actually rolled it to our house. Yes. The length of a football field. Gas has been bought to run it, the firewood is stacked in the carport. All of the laundry is drying just in case. (I grew up on this campus and lived many a snow storm without power) I wanted to be prepared.

As I mentioned in my post about Christmas, I love the snow. I am literally like a kid at Christmas when it arrives. I don't know what it is about it. . the world is just, well. . prettier. How can brown trees and dead winter grass become so beautiful so instantly? I can't fathom a Creator that created it. To me, it is a gift from Him. . a reminder of what he does to our sins. Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come now, let us reason together, " says the Lord. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool." What a beautiful reminder of what He does for us.

I also was thinking tonight on waiting for the return of Christ. . am I ready, am I ready for Him to come back to take us home? Just like the example in the New Testament, we don't know the hour or the day, but we must be prepared. Today at church was "Good News" Sunday. A day to reflect on testimonies of fellow church members that testified to the Holy Spirit working in their lives to bring them to Jesus. One was a sweet lifelong friend. As I listened to their stories. . I thought of all Jesus has done to prepare us. All of the work orchestrated to get each of his children "ready for him". Also it was a reminder to me to share my story with other's, to share Him, to help the cause of getting the world ready. He will not return until the Whole world hears!!

Jesus died for all of us.. he takes our sins, makes them white as snow. Pray to Him. . and YOU will be prepared for His return! Now. . bring on the snow!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Morning!

This year's Christmas consisted of 4 days of celebrations. Yes. Four. Days. What an event. I have tried to break up all of our parties and gatherings into sections. . there was so much to document.

Christmas morning, I awoke early with little Ann Claire, she went back to sleep. . so I was able to get our morning going without the kids even stirring just yet. I started a fire in the fireplace, turned on some Christmas tunes and was able to snap a few photos of what I found in the den before the little ones came running in.

Santa had come! He was so generous to all of us this year! Thank you Santa! (this was pre-kid destruction)

This is our family tree in the family room!
I tried to capture what I felt and saw that morning.. . peace and beauty. Exactly what Jesus brought when we came to earth. Peace in the fight for our eternal lives and beauty in what His life would mean to ALL he came for!

This is our tree in the main Living Room. . this year it held most of the family gifts under one tree! This was definitely the before shot, I didn't even take the after. . it was a MESS!

Almost time!
The younger kids WAITING anxiously for the teenagers to crawl out of bed so they could all run in together!

The long anticipated moment had come. S's face says it all!

A C is crazy about Curious George, notice she found him in the middle of her gifts!

This candy cane was basically her breakfast. . Nana, Papa, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Bill came over for Christmas breakfast. At breakfast, M. E. led us in prayer and then I jokingly added. . "and please let it snow". That was about 9 AM. . this was taken from my front door at around 3 PM. Prayer works!

Those that know be best, know how I feel about snow. . I was thrilled. It was such a magical Christmas this year. . . one the kids will remember as special one that was WHITE. I will too.