Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day 2010

How does a worn out mama from summer get refreshed? Time. With. Friends. At. The. Beach!!!!

My special group of college gals had our annual Labor Day trip for the 14th year!! Woo-hoo. We all take great pride in the fact that we have kept this up through the years. The number of gals has changed, who can attend due to births of the 45 kids (that was the count with this year's group), and various other reasons. BUT, it remains on all of our calendars with a special asterisk. We all know what the weekend means. Fun. Relaxation. Food. Lots of chatter. Some sleep. Shopping. More chatter. And my favorite, LAUGHTER.

My college years hold a special place in my heart and always will. That's another post. But for me these girls, yes, we are still girls, stand for more than college years now. We have gone through weddings, divorces, re-marriages, births, miscarriages, deaths of parents, illnesses of siblings, loss of siblings, jobs, loss of jobs, travels to our various cities. . we've just done life. While not together for most of the calendar year, emails, calls, Christmas cards somehow keep us all connected enough to always start right back up where we left off. It's funny how some relationships can stand the test of time in that way.

This summer was an especially hard one for me. Maybe because I'm getting older? Who knows? But this year, the Labor Day trip could NOT have come at a better time. I was weary from summer and needed to refresh and unwind. These special girls always seem to re-energize me. And this mama is better for it. I love you all!!!

Enjoy some snaps from our trip!


Dinner at my New Favorite: Caliza Pool at Alys Beach!! So fun!

Dessert at Fish out of Water at Watercolor!


Anonymous said...

Love this and love you, my friend! This post brought tears to my eyes because you described our trip perfectly...and our years of lives together!


Mom of Eleven said...

Love you too! Thanks for all the work to get us there! Also, thanks for the pictures:)

Goin' Guatamalan said...

OHHH...there's no place like Rosemary...there's no place like Rosemary....(to the clicking tune of Dorothy's shoes in Wizard of Oz)

Here's to little red slippers and the possibility that when we're home next year I can post from there too... SOOOO very jealous but really enjoyed seeing the photos! You are all so beautiful !!!!

Mom of Eleven said...

Don't even know if you will check back for a response here, so I will try to post it on yours too.

So good to hear from you!! I miss seeing all of your faces at church. We pray for you often and think of you always!!

Tabitha loved her time in Guatemala. . . so happy the group got to come!!

Miss you all, praying for safety and God's work to be done!

Anonymous said...

love this!!!! you ladies are gor jus... i love you all and really miss going to the beach... would love some catch up/laugh til you cant breath/embracing from sweet sisters... know i think about you all so much, hope life is rich! blessed! fun! FULL! and all the while getting better n better! thank you wendy for posting!

Mom of Eleven said...

AWWW, love you, miss you!! Somehow I lost the link to your blog, are you still out there in blogland? Would love to link back up. Hope you all are doing great. Love to all,

Gus said...

ha! yes, our blog is surviving (, but mostly photos for the fam back home to see!!! i hope to begin taking the time to write again!!! i love you and miss you too!!! We are all so good...thank you!enjoying 4th and 6th! (can't believe it though), terrific twos, and sports galore :) would love to connect over the holidays...i will let you know when we are coming that way! i am NOT going to another peach bowl without seeing you FER SHER :) love you

JMom said...

I love this picture of you all laughing in the wind...awesome!!! I am looking forward to a college girls weekend next weekend. CANNOT WAIT!!!!