Friday, February 25, 2011

My hubby needs your vote!!!

J is participating in a local fundraiser for a Children's Home in our area. Our very own Big T lived there for 3 years, so it is near to our hearts. Unfortunately, this small private children's home has faced the budget crunches we have seen in foster care circles in GA over the last few years. Fortunately our organization has man power behind it thanks to CFA and Mr. Cathy. Unfortunately, this home does not, this is a major fundraiser for them and I want ALL of you out there in blog world to help out with this fundraiser. (you can spend as little as $1) It is called:

Dancing with the Stars of Rome!

Yes. . .you read it correctly and yes, it's just like the TV show. One of our friends knew a small fact about J and that he once upon a time took a ballroom class in college. What she didn't know is his instructor asked him to help instruct a few classes. . well, what can I say, J is great at everything he tries. So. . he is the professional dancer in the couple.(not really!) He is dancing with a dear friend of ours that also works for the WinShape Foundation, so she is the star!! So fun.

Now. . they can win one of two ways, by popular votes, which I need your help with, or by the Judges award on the night of the show, March 12. It will be quite a small town production and a great deal of work has gone into every last detail.
There are several different links and I have listed them below. The most important way you can help is HERE:

Click here to view and vote for Couple #6

Thanks for all the support. . you are helping change lives.
Below is the link for Children's Home you are supporting.
Open Door Home


Sullins' Spot said...

Hey, girl!

I went and voted them last week! Hope they do well!!!


Joni said...


I will vote if J promises to display "jazz hands" while he dances.


Mom of Eleven said...

Thank you for your support. Good to hear from you.

Mom of Eleven said...

I am sure he would do that for you!

dancing queen said...

i cant wait!:)