Monday, May 9, 2011

Thoughts and Reflections on being a MOM

I know, I know, it's been almost two months since I last posted!! I. Am. So. Sorry. What can I say. . I've been busy being a MOM. Our spring has been jammed packed with life. . baseball, spring dance recitals and all the rehearsals, getting ready for prom, spring football training, science fairs, field trips, school auctions, and well, the normal day to day craziness!!

I wanted to just give a big High Five out there to all the moms. Yes, a day late and a dollar short. . BUT still it must be acknowledged that mothering is the world's hardest job.

Mothering takes you out of any box you ever thought your life would look like! Mothering calls you to a different level of dependence on God. (for those of us that look to Him for council) Mothering requires a level of unselfishness that constantly challenges the flesh and self.

Mothering is the most rewarding job I've ever had. Mothering means a life depends on you. Mothering brings joys and emotions I've never felt. Mothering is a gift from the Lord.

This Mother's Day I am able to watch as sweet friends that have longed for babies are able to finally celebrate their first mother's day. I was able to sit at the lunch table with 4 generations of women in my family. I was reminded of the verse that Paul wrote to Timothy.
"I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also." 2 Timothy 1:5 And so thankful for the word of God that has been lived out in the lives of my grandmother and mother. And I am praying daily I am living it out in my life as my daughters are learning to as well. What a blessing.

My sweet eldest son stood at Mother's Day lunch and read a letter he had penned himself. Through tears I listened as this sweet man who was once a boy at 9 that came to live with me read...
"You are also the biggest fan we have in anything we do". . "you loved me from the very first day you met me". Seriously? I was speechless, crying, and thanking God for this sweet boy. (almost a man) God has given me the greatest, most challenging job in the world. And to all you mothers out there, I hope you had a fabulous, restful day.

Now, it's Monday Morning. Back to work!

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stephanye said...

Oh, girl. Tears are in my eyes as I read this.

Every once in a while, they get it:)