Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The blessing of Dear Friends

There's nothing like some time away with the girls!! This past weekend, my college friends and I celebrated our 12th annual Labor Day trip to the beach, and oh what fun we had!! I have too much to do at this point to catch everyone up on our life, but I just had to say: "Thank you LORD for dear, precious friends!"

It's good to be home, but what a blast. I think the only time I did not hear talking was when we were sleeping!

(Gustav was churning in the gulf just behind us!!) No joke though, we were totally safe and only experienced MINOR sprinkles! Thank you Lord for safety.


Traci said...

I heard you met our friend Amye and her family!!! Can you believe it? What a small world!!! Too funny!! Glad you had a good time!


Amy (Liner) said...

Great picture of everyone! I'm so glad you ZTAs still get together. My SU friends and I spend MLK weekend together each year. It's almost like going back in time. We get to shed our "mommy" skin for a few days. We are responsible for NO ONE else! Then it's always nice to come home to lots of hugs...

Theresa said...

I can't believe that you and Amye met. Like Traci said, what a small world. She called to tell us how much fun she had with you guys. Thanks for adding more fun to her trip.

Emmy said...

So glad you had an awesome time! You have cute friends! You look beautiful in the picture!

Very "coiffed"

Emmy : )

Mom of Eleven said...

You are too kind, yes I tried to fix my hair, but Gustav was churning in the ocean right behind me. OH well, we all decided this was the year we started feeling old. You are too kind to say we are cute!! We feel like we are still in our 20s, but are realizing the mid-30s is not the

colorfulwoman said...

Hey Wendy:) What a fun trip I bet you had! I am so in awe of your beautiful family!! I am curious about your story, is there a post anywhere about how the Lord led you to such a wonderful place of having 11 children? Blessings!

3girlsmom said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog and see.

Oh, and I watched the slideshow of the pics of your family. I heart all of them.

I mean, they are stupid and ugly and I hate them.


Rebecca T. said...

Hi there!
I happily stumbled upon your blog via Beth Moore's blog, or Amanda's (not sure which one though). And I am so intrigued by the Christian Houseparenting that you have been called to do. Is there a website for more information? We have felt this tug on our hearts and want to do more research as we pray about it.

My email address is: tabgirl at verizon dot net

Kimberly & Grace said...

I love the new look. I wish I were more technically savvy, but alas...I'm not.

Hope you're doing well!