Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ME pulls her first loose tooth!

M. E. has had a very busy month regarding her sweet little teeth. A few weeks ago our poor little angel had to have minor dental surgery to take care of some pretty bad cavities that had developed. Unfortunately her molars are all so close together, even the tiniest dental floss can barely make it through the spaces, which also makes the perfect breeding ground for cavity bugs. Yuck!

Due to the extent of her tooth decay, we all decided to put her to sleep to take care of the problem at one time, as also not to traumatize her from the dentist for life! She handled this beautifully, as did I. (I was very worried about the anesthesia and her little body's response to it)

She also began working on her first loose tooth this month and developed a very regular habit of tugging, wiggling and working as hard as she could to get it out. A couple of weeks ago, she came home from school and looked like Nanny McPhee

We encouraged and encouraged her to let us pull it, but to no avail, she wouldn't have it. By this point, the tooth was literally hanging on in her little mouth. J told her through her bathroom door she had 1 minute to pull it herself or he was coming in. She begged, "no 3 minutes, please." (please understand a simple tug would have pulled it right out) After 30 seconds we heard a joyous, "I got it, I got it." And we opened the door to see this:

Tears of relief and Joy!

I have never seen her more proud of herself. . .she then continued to jump and scream through the house, "I did it, I got it out all by myself." She then proceeded to call her grandparents to tell them the news.

Bragging rights!

Can you believe the tooth fairy gave her 5 whole dollars for that thing? She is now furiously working on front tooth #2 so she can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" during the holiday season. Keep wiggling!

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Jill said...

Oh how I understand. Not to worry our little one did the same and won the $5.oo prize as well.