Tuesday, November 25, 2008

R turns 15!

R is one of our only two boys, bless his soul!! I will say this, he will make a great husband one day as he has lived with all of these women! We celebrated R's birthday this month with his requested meal. . . Nana's homemade potato soup. One might say, what an unusual request, but this is not just your ordinary soup, it is divine!! I must say that Nana was quite honored with the request and even a little tearful as she mentioned it was her high during our high/low game at dinner.

For those of you that have never played this with your family. . we simply go around the table and list our highs and lows of the day, the kids just think it is a game. . no one actually wins or loses, but it is a great way to re-connect after a long day. My kids are faithful to bring up the game when we all sit down together.

R had a good time and we can't believe he is 15. Although, not quite ready to get behind a car, we did tell him he could begin to study for his learner's test, maybe down the road he can actually take it. R came to live with us at age 9 and has grown to a fine, young man. He loves his favorite sport, wrestling, and has just begun his first high school season.

Happy Birthday R!

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Mama Misty said...

I've been visiting your blog here and there, this is my first comment I think!

Just wanted to encourage you as you continue your mission with your amazing family! You are obviously faithful to what God has given you. And a new baby, to boot! Congratulations and many more blessings to your family.