Monday, January 26, 2009

Time to Update!

Thanks to my dear friend over at Operation Motherhood, I was reminded that I had not updated in a while. So sorry for that folks! We have been super, duper busy getting back into the swing of things since the holidays had come to a close. It has taken me a few weeks just to catch my breath, make new lists, clean out old documents, wash clothes (including the place mats from Christmas Dinner), and just take in the fact that it is a new year.

A friend (Lots of Scotts) passed info about my blog along to Natalie Simms, a local writer for Hometown Headlines. After a quick phone interview, this was the outcome:
Great Article about blogging!

I know many of you out there that read my blog (because you have told me) and so many of you should start one. Let this little article be an encouragement to you that you can do it. I have found in some small way, I have been able to document our crazy life. My plan is to have all the pages from the previous posts put into a coffee table book made by Blurb. . .but it is still on the to do list.

I find it is harder and harder these days to find the time to post anything worth any one's interest, BUT I hope to be a little more faithful to documenting even the little things that happen in our life.

Thanks to all of you that check in and give us encouragement in this crazy, challenging journey God is taking us on. . keep checking in!


Emmy said...

Awesome article! : )

elizabeth said...

I feel bad now...because I hardly have the time to blog, but I MOST CERTAINLY couldn't do it pregnant and raising 11 children in addition to taking care of a house, a dog and a husband (not in that particular order!...well, maybe some

I DO love checking in on here and getting some updates every once in a while, or perhaps a good sermon on occassions! You never cease to amaze me.


Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

I popped over from the LPM blog...girl, you are making it an even dozen. You are amazing! God's blessings on you!!!

*We have two Compassion kiddos~ if I had been in Atlanta I would probably have two more!!

connorcolesmom said...

YOu are just precious and I loved seeing you on Sunday
God has given you such a special gift of being able to raise so many children doing it all with patience, love, and in His will!
May He continue to bless your family!
Much love

JMom said...

I loved seeing that shout out from the blessed, big haired one! :-)

momsi/Nonni said...

I love checking in and seeing God's Grace at work in your family. May He continue to bless you and your sweet family. Thanks for sharing when you can...Cheryl

elizabeth said...

Glad you are better about tossing things than I am (maternity clothes). I mean, who wants to wear that bright of fabric with a big bow on your belly when you are huge and pregnant!? I definitely don't want to stand out in a crowd like that...I prefer just to blend in! But apparently I once did! So embarrassing! I'll have to make that a blog entry one of me in horrible maternity clothes! Hahaha. ( I defintely would never laugh at you either)

Fiffer said...

I always enjoy reading your updates, love your music, and think your family is just beautiful. And I'm so excited that #12 will be joining your family soon!!