Friday, February 6, 2009

The Winter Woolies!

I just made that title up. . I don't really know if there is actually anything called the Winter Woolies, but if there is, we have it. We have passed around coughs, colds, and the stomach bug several times. AND It is still so cold. I noticed the weather man "says" we should have warmer temperatures this weekend. . oh how I wish Spring were here. I feel cabin fever like I never have before as my kids just simply have been too cold to go out and play. The longer we are cooped up, the sicker we get. Even little J told me yesterday, "Mommy, can we go to the beach?" He is a man after my own heart. . oh the beach, wouldn't it be great to actually feel warm!

In a few weeks, J and I are traveling to a conference in sunny Southern California. . I. can't. wait. I am however feeling apprehensive about leaving all the kiddos behind. Our relief parents of course do a better job than us, I just don't want everyone to get sick on them. Please help us pray for a healthy next few weeks, so we can go and the kids can enjoy a break from us as well. I am always a better mommy after a little time away.

Lord, thank you for winter months, for the time we have all had to bond, enjoy cozy holidays, and we are anticipating a beautiful EARLY spring!

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