Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 85th Mimi!

Last month, my maternal grandmother, MIMI, celebrated her 85th birthday. The goal was to surprise her with a catered luncheon with all family members. (at least as many as we could gather from Around the World!) My mother's extended family is scattered all over the place. . including my own brothers who were at that time all out west. My cousin was even in China with his new bride, lovely girl, and did indeed make it back to the states. Anyway. . the party was planned and underway, however her birthday came and went as the luncheon was scheduled a week and a half later than her day of birth, my only female cousin and I treated her to lunch at the local tea room in an effort to play up her day as well as a huge family meal with my crew at one of her favorites, Red Lobster. (J really enjoyed looking at the wobstas in the tank!)

The day of the luncheon came and as with most surprise parties, an endless barrage of lies starts to trick the surprisee into getting to the party site! Hysterical. Here we are all LYING to one of the most devout, christian women I know! The great-grans, as she calls them loved hiding as she approached! She was perfectly surprised and we had a lovely time. After lunch, each guest at the party had to tell Mimi and the group what they loved about her, why she was special to them, just as if she were dead and gone. . in other words, what we might say at her funeral. I know that sounds sad, but what a blessing to hear countless stories of her faithfulness to family and God, to cooking good food, and her gift of hospitality. . she got to hear it while she was still living. What a lesson to me, to tell people while they are with us what they mean to us. Isn't that the goal of christian living anyway? To love one another. . that was one of Jesus' main commandments. . we indeed told her why we love her and we all do so much. Enjoy the photos from the day. And to the next 15, Mimi, we are happy you are still with us!

The kiddos hiding for the big moment of Surprise!

Four generations, watch out world, this lady has raised some STRONG women!

The ever awesome "blowing" photo. This one is GREAT! For 85, Mimi blew out those candles with more gusto than most 5 year olds I have seen!

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OurLilFullFam said...

Oh how sweet.

I once read something from Nancy Campbell that encouraged people to say things like that. Once the person is gone, they will not know what your truly thought of them unless you have told them. Great idea!

I found your blog through Cheryl. She was my friend here in SC before y'all got her in Georgia.