Thursday, April 30, 2009

Showered with Love!

In the midst of our crazy weekend away from home, some sweet friends threw me a baby shower. It feels so good to be loved, doesn't it? They did a beautiful job of making everything so special including petit-fours and yummy pink and chocolate ice cream sundaes. (The baby's room will be pink and chocolate!) It has been fun and VERY different to have a baby at this stage of life (35). So many friends came into the shower and said, "It has been so long since I have been to a baby shower!" Many of my friends have kids that are elementary age and no longer in the diaper stage. BUT what fun it was to open each treasured gift and to know it was given to our family with love. Thanks again to all my sweet friends!

Mom of Eleven and Jmom (lots of scotts)

Mom, me and my Mimi, and yes, I know it, my tummy is right out there! Approaching 33 weeks, YEAH!

A bunny jacket from EMMY! I want to sleep in it, but I don't think it will even fit over my baby bump!


twinkle said...

You look beautiful!

Father in heaven, bless this baby with a happy home and love all around her. Give her riches that cannot be bought or joy overflowing, and wisdom from Your Heart, and a graceful way that reveals her future faith in Jesus. I pray that all her family will support her in her life...with a bond that can never be broken. I pray that her friends will share her faith and encourage her to find her purpose in Christ. May she be like a well-nourished and watered oak of righteousness planted by the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

With love to a mighty woman-of-faith,

Mom of Eleven said...

What a blessing and a God moment for me as I opened and read this comment after a long night at dance recital dress rehearsal for 4 girls. What a blessing to know someone out there is praying for us and our new sweet baby girl!

JMom said...

So glad to have been there..if only for a minute! I want to sleep with that bunny jacket too!!! You are so loved and this sweet girl (AC) is being prayed for!!