Monday, June 1, 2009

Her room is ready!

In my anxious state of boredom and waiting. . . I thought I would post about Ann Claire's room. We are totally ready except for the rocking chair cushions that will be delivered in the morning. Yay! We had fun decorating her room and totally went with the theme: chocolate and pink. I think this one turned out to be my favorite baby's room to decorate.

J even painted random pink polka dots on the chocolate bathroom walls, this turned out really cute!

One of my favorites in her room, a gift from my shower hostesses. It says, "little girls dance and twirl" and the bunnies are dressed in pink and chocolate!


JMom said...

PRECIOUS!!! Now we need a baby!

Anonymous said...

aww..i can't wait to meet her!! :)


Kimberly and Grace said...

Praying for you! Can't wait to see her!!!


elizabeth said...

The room is just precious. Can't wait to meet sweet Ann Claire. A beautiful name to go with that beautiful room!! I will be praying for a safe, healthy, and quick arrival of your sweet angel. Let me know!


momsi/Nonni said...

W..I love pink and chocolate brown. It makes for a beautiful girls room or anything for that matter. My 2 daughters did their girls room similar. Toy did a great job!!!! I know you're all excited about her arrival. Wish i knew you all personally. Take care and hope ya'll have a great summer.

Anonymous said...

I think she is going to come around the 7th! Its a full moon! My good friend just had her baby last may & full moon! :)


dancing queen said...

I love her room!! It looks sooo good!!:):):)