Monday, June 8, 2009

Well, it's a Week later and still no baby girl!

I wanted to give an update that we are still awaiting the arrival of Baby Ann Claire. All of my biological babies had been born at this point, so we are all baffled at God's mystery with this one.

I have decided it is because I am actually ready, organized and packed this time. Isn't that just like God, I think He loves to make us wait. . learn patience. . .and teaches us constantly that all things are in HIS timing.

So many women have said to me,"just wait til June 7-8, that night there is a full moon!" Taking whatever advice I could at this point, I listened, well it is Monday morning, and still no baby!

Our doctor has agreed that he would induce on Wednesday morning, June 10, if I still haven't gone into labor on my own. Of course I had rather nature take its course, but our summer is scheduled down to the T, and we can't wait. (sorry God)

So. . I have a few more last minute things, lists for sitters, casseroles to freeze, and bills to mail. . .we will keep everyone posted soon!


elizabeth said...

I can't believe she isn't here yet!!! Well, I always thought it was no fair anyway that you never got to endure those last few miserable weeks! I guess it's your turn now. (Teasing!) Glad the doctor is willing to work with you. Best of luck!

Miss Meliss said...

my sis had to be induced! i hope the baby comes before that... and i hope you aren't too miserable waiting! :) it'll happen! LOL

can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics of the new baby!


momsi/Nonni said...

Will be praying for you a safe and quick delivery! Cheryl

JMom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I heard the news today. So glad she is finally here! :-)