Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back into Real Life!

I have to say having the kids back in school has been nice, quiet, and a breath of fresh air. BUT it was hard getting them there. I actually started buying school supplies last May once they got out of school in an attempt to be ahead with a new baby on the way. We knew our beach trip would coinside with school starting back up, so we had all school supplies ready for delivery before we left. That also meant a trip to the Uniform store an hour away before the beach as well. We still need to make a trip to the shoe store this weekend for new shoes for everyone. . . as I was thinking of all we have done since we have been home from the beach. . it made me want to go back. . then I realized, I haven't even posted about our trip! So here goes:

Two days before our departure I received a phone call from one of the moms in our organization. She called to report that the house we were to stay in, they were to have stayed in it the week before us but didn't because it was infested with a snake in the master bedroom somewhere hiding, some sort of rodent droppings, AND flying ants? So. . . I knew immediately that wouldn't do, so after a few immediate phone calls and conversations. . we had been given permission to stay in a larger house a little further away from the beach. . none of the families from our organization had ever been allowed to stay there, needless to say, my kids were not allowed to touch anything! We were very careful and took very good care of this house! We did not want to blow it.

Our time away was actually one of the better vacations we have taken with ALL the kids. There were no major arguments, we accomplished the celebration of Little T's bday, had only one head injury that might could have used stitches, but thanks to Dr. Aunt Kelly it turned out alright, we enjoyed lots of walks on the beach to the ice cream truck, and had great quality time with cousins. . . we missed you Pops and Memom!

We warned the kids our journey to the beach south of Daytona would take the normal 9-10 hours with stops and with a newborn maybe longer. J hit an all time record by getting us there in a mere 8 hrs. and 37 minutes. We only made 3 stops, crazy, but Ann Claire picked that day as her sleepiest day ever, so we only stopped for one meal and potty breaks.

It takes an army to get us to the beach as well as a uhaul!

(this is how we roll!)

But our time there was a great success: Relaxation, rest, and FUN were our themes!

J sporting a fish he and R caught off of our back dock. We had a gorgeous freshwater lake that was home to an alligator!
Little T turned 10 during our vacation!

Ann Claire in her "beach" outfit. She never even saw the sand, but I couldn't resist the tiny flip flops!

This was taken just after sunrise as R was reeling in his first saltwater "catch".

R's first saltwater prize!

The girls in all their sunbathing glory!


dancing queen said...

I loved the beach!!! I hope you loved it to!!!:):):)

Jennifer Adams said...

I know when you can go back to the beach! :) Come know you want to!!!!