Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A quick post from yet another vacation. . .

Greetings from Florida. We have traveled south for a quick summer swan song with ALL the kids. To protect our security, I of course will not reveal our exact location, but let me at least explain our change of plans. I, by nature, am not a change the plans kind of girl. I would like to say I can be flexible, and with this many kids, I have definitely bent the plans from time to time. BUT this past Friday, I got a call that the house we always stay in had been infested with a snake siting in the master bedroom as well as rodent droppings. Now. . given that Ann Claire was on deck to sleep in the room with us, I didn't feel quite safe letting her stay in there. (or myself for that matter, J probably would have been fine!) So, the wheels began turning and a new plan was put in motion, as we were hours from departure.

We literally brought a uhaul trailer plus the entire big van was packed with 11 kids, two parents, 3 DVD players, and a total of 8 ipods! We were ready to go! The back up plan was to stay at a larger house along with my extended family that would be here at the same time. That would be a total of 23 people in one house, so luckily our benefactor that owns these homes allowed us to have another house for overflow from the first house.

I must say, now that we are here and settled things are great. Ann Claire has settled into a routine as well as the other kids. However, we are miles from any beach or ocean, (not complaining), it is just different. We do have a pool on one side of the house, and a freshwater lake on the other to fish in. J even spotted our own pet alligator. The kids have enjoyed searching for him each morning. We have managed to eat out once and enjoy take out another night. Who knows what this evening will hold. We are currently enjoying a big summer, Florida thunderstorm after a morning of swimming. We plan to pack it all up and head to the beach tomorrow. We might as well take the kitchen sink with us, because I just don't know how this will work with an 8 week old?

I will post pictures once we get home! Enjoy these last days of summer!


dancing queen said...

i loved the beach mommy!!! it was so much fun!!!

Katie said...

I hope you had a great time!!! Miss you guys!