Friday, January 29, 2010

I've pressed it it, now I can pass it on!

Last weekend, I had the honor of traveling to Houston with Emmy, and other "Georgia girls" for a Beth Moore Scripture Memory Team celebration. (a group of women that memorized 24 scriptures for an entire year, Siestas, as we are called on the LPM blog) It's kind of one of those things in life, when I explain it to people including my family members, they really just don't "get it". Many were proud of me, happy for me to go, but I think in their minds they were thinking, is that really for real?, safe?, and smart? Aren't we supposed to be leery of people on the Internet? Well. . the reality is, many of these women I know in real life, and our common ground in Christ. So, I know for a fact. . this was where I was meant to be. God had a word for me!

Our journey started last Thursday as we met up at the Atlanta airport. . leaving behind rainy, cold weather, and finding ourselves in warm, sunny Houston. Houston was having a warm front even by their standards. . sunny and in the 70s. It was a taste of spring. Friday morning we had a treat awaiting us at the Mokara Spa at the Omni Hotel in Houston. Hands down, one of the best spas I have ever been to. My precious hubby had called ahead and had a credit in my account, so thoughtful. I was treated to a massage, facial, pedicure, and leg and foot treatment. I think the total time I was there was 4 hrs. . I was pampered, relaxed and ready for our conference for the remainder of the weekend.

We were finally there!

Friday evening we headed over to Houston's First and staked our place in line. Emmy and I have been known to be ready for a good seat. . we have decided it's from days of being PK's (preacher's kids) to the regular lay person. Grin. We are used to being in the front! From the moment the conference started by a greeting from Beth and her girls. . to Travis leading in praise and worship, I was so blessed. The conference continued into Saturday morning with teaching from Mrs. Beth on Psalm 119. What an awesome passage to place an emphasis on the word of God. God has blessed me this past year by teaching me His word is our weapon, His word is alive and active in me, and His word is the main offensive weapon we have upon the Enemy. When we speak it, it is real and alive. We learned. .

I am a resident alien... seeking direction... in deep want of wonder.. in peril and need... troubled by humanity... especially my own... knowing that to follow is the only road... to a straying sheep longing to be found!

Awesome stuff! Mrs. Beth encouraged us to "hide God's word in our heart", which actually means to press it in. Take the time to totally take in God's word, let it change you, help you, heal you, mend you, and fulfill your cup before you just pass it onto someone else. In a world of Facebook, Twittering, and blogs, we so often forget to do this! So. . due to reality of my life, I have finally pressed in all I took in, and am finally updating and passing onto all of you! I loved it!

The Georgia Girls with Beth!

The rest of the weekend included Food, food, food, and fun fellowship with awesome sisters in Christ. We finally found ourselves at a sit down meal, right on Georgia Jan, at Pappasito's, hands down the best Tex-Mex food I have ever put in my mouth! Georgia Jan LOVED this restaurant even more than me!

The lunch gang, what a fun time of fellowship!

Thanks to Lindsee for being the most awesome Houstonian tour guide ever. . she then led us to Crave cupcakes and the Houston Galleria for shopping!

Sunday morning we attended Houston's First Baptist Church just for a little more teaching from their awesome pastor Gregg Matte. What an incredible sight and how I miss a large church gathering. (Don't get me wrong, I love my current church family, but there is such power in worshipping with large numbers of people)

Our journey was finally over as we slowly headed north to the airport, re-entry back into reality has been busy this week. . but oh how I missed my babies by Sunday morning. So thankful for all those that made it possible for me to get away. To Georgia Jan, Twinkle, and Emmy. . your presence in my life is different because I know you. I had a blast!


bethany said...

Wonderful recap. I am still pressing it in so will update my blog soon.
Lovely to meet you :)

Amanda May said...

So glad you had such an incredible weekend...I'm thinking you deserved it more than just about anybody (I seriously don't know how you do it)!!
It was great to meet you - I'm looking forward to getting to "know you" better via your blog. I'm gonna be honest, the thought of that many kids BLOWS MY MIND...I wanna read more about your story! :)

Leslie Young said...

Seriously? Mom of 11??? You really did deserve a break - complete with spa treatment AND worship! This was a beautiful recap! Wish I could have met everyone there! I'd love to know every story!
By the way, my mother-in-law is one of 11 and their crew still gets together for huge family reunions every year! What a legacy you're building1
God Bless!

tracyl said...

What a blessing to meet you in Houston! Dailey Rae asked me at least twice "Are you sure she said eleven mommy?" You REALLY impressed her. :)

Blessings to you dear sister!

Tracy L. (and Dailey Rae)
Richlands, NC

Sandy said...

You did such a great job of your recap of including the essence of what Beth said.
I was next to you in the restroom, when I someone said to me. . .
Did her nametag say Mom of 11?!!
I am so glad that you do have a wonderful husband and family who made it possible for you to go.
I wish I could have talked to you.
I will be blessed by your blog!

Marla Taviano said...

Love it! It was so great to meet you last weekend!

twinkle said...

I've been pressing it in, too, Wendy. It is overwhelming now that I'm home. I am so glad we went and so glad God was there already waiting on us! I'm thinking this should be an annual thing for us.
I love you. I miss you. Be blessed!

Lora said...

I loved your title Wendy. It was great to see you again in Houston. Your family picture in your header is beautiful.

Blessings to you sweet Siesta!

Anonymous said...
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跌倒 said...
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Holly said...

It was such a blessing to be able to meet you (even though it was more like a departure in the ATL airport). After this event I wanted to be more connected to all the Siesta's! Thanks for your amazing recap! and I just wanted to say how awe struck i was when you said eleven! What a blessing!!!
It was great meeting you, and yes pressing this message in still!!!
Holly in SC

Kelly S. said...

So glad I got to meet you in Houston. What an incredible weekend :) Your pictures are great!!