Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

I know, I know all of my friends that live in the North are thinking, "what, a snow day for 1/2 inch of snow?" Remember I live in the south, snow and ice are not a good combo for those of us that have rarely seen such a sight. Growing up in this town, I have fond memories of at least 2-3 good snows a year. I am not an advocate for the Global Warming campaign, but my sweet S is a decade old and I am certain she has only had 2-3 good snows in her lifetime!

Needless to say, when flakes started flying Thursday around lunch. . the call was made and school was canceled for the next day. Snow started accumulating slowly and by late afternoon there was enough to see. . the kids immediately bundled up and headed to make snowballs. Due to the Arctic blast the weather channel has advertised very well the last week, the driveway quickly froze and the sleds were found. The kids were able to get a good slide or two in before needing to come in and warm up.

This morning, the snow was still around, so once temperatures were above 20 degrees, the kids bundled up for another run or two. J even found a few good, tall hills to sled on. . and they had a blast. We snapped a few photos. The cutest of course was AC and seeing her enjoy her first snow. (of course she was only outside for maybe 3 minutes!)

Enjoy and stay warm wherever you are!

Uggs, the new family fashion. . . in and out of the house! Thanks Uncle Rob for AC's, they fit great!

Thanks to Mrs. Emmy for AC's bunny coat!


dancing queen said...

I loved the SNOW!!!!

Shelly said...

I'm beaming with a happy smile over these photographs! So glad y'all had a fun time in the blanketing of a white quietness! :)

georgiamom said...

OOh myyy! AC is the cutest thing ever.

thanks said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kelly S. said...

so happy to meet you this weekend!
Your family is beautiful :)

valerie said...

What a beautiful family you have!
It was great seeing you again this weekend.
Wasn't it wonderful?!!
Love ya,

bethany said...

Hi Wendy!
It was a joy to meet you this weekend. It has been so wonderful to bask in the sweetness of the body of Christ! Meeting so many siestas is truly one of the greatest blessings that came of this trip.
I look forward to keeping up with you and your beautiful family!

joy in the journey said...

loved meeting you friday night wendy, and hearing the amazing story of how your family became 14!you are a beautiful woman inside and out :)