Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Year Older?

Well, Happy Birthday to me!! I can't believe a year has come and gone so fast. 36 years young!! I still feel like a mere 25. My sweet hubby has planned a night of celebration tonight with the entire family at a local restaurant. No clean up, no mess!! I can't wait. But for today, I am headed out for a day of errands with NO KIDS!! Maybe even lunch wherever I want to eat!! Can't wait.

I am not one of these people that gets sappy and sad they are getting older. I am totally okay with getting older and wiser. So happy to admit I need a Savior and each year that I can grow closer to Him in His wisdom and knowledge, I will happily embrace.

I also love the fact that I share my birthday with the Summer Solstice. It's the longest day of daylight in the year. Just that much longer to enjoy the beauty of MY DAY!! :)


elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday W! Hope your day is wonderful!

Mom of Eleven said...

Aww thanks, miss you!

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!! I am so thankful you were born... and that God gave me the gift of knowing you! You are so awesome! I want to take you to lunch! I miss you! : )

Mom of Eleven said...

Miss you too!!! Let's get together soon!!

JMom said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Miss seeing you!!!

Joni said...

Happy birthday, sweet friend! Looking forward to our celebration tomorrow night!


Leanne said...


First off, Happy Birthday!

I found your blog through Lots of Scotts. I was initially curious because we too have a big family and I'm always ready to meet moms of lots!!!!

I really like your blog! It's fresh and wise and Godly and I loved when you said, in your "about me", how you love learning about other women and how they learn and grow. I love that too! I'm always looking to glean grains of wisdom from Titus 2 women.

I hope you can someday find the time to visit me on my blog!

You can find me at