Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Little Pirates

We are away on our annual time off. Some kids are away at camp, one is staying with friends and our biological kids are here with us. Tonight we enjoyed our tradition that includes a trek to the "shark store". A fabulous souvenir store that includes and entrance where a shark's teeth greet you as enter. The back exit of the store includes a giant pirate ship with a pirate theme everywhere on the building. I couldn't resist this photo op.

A warning to all those headed to the Gulf Coast, the oil has made it to Gulf Shores. We were hopeful that we would beat it here, but fellow vacationers reported the nasty balls of tar arrived around Friday afternoon. The water's edge is covered in tiny, thick globs of sticky tar that adheres to anything it touches. Thank goodness we have a pool to swim in. The beach area is great for playing, but no ocean to play in. It is of course only a glimpse of the large portion of shoreline and ocean waters effected by this tragedy. But my eyes have been opened to this severe issue. So. Sad.

We will still enjoy our time away. Ann Claire will be celebrating her first birthday this week at the zoo here. . fun times.


Donna said...

Missed you glad your are in "blog-land' again.
Yes, tragic about the oil...for years to come.
Enjoy your time off!!!

sy said...

Enjoy your time away. You deserve it.

Happy Birthday, Ann Claire.