Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Past

It's absolutely crazy to think of Christmas 2010 in the past tense. For months we have been planning, anticipating, organizing, and waiting for the event. It came, it went. . now it's gone. BUT, we have the HOPE of Christ because of Christmas. This year on Christmas Eve Eve. . we watched The Nativity Story which then led to a viewing of the Jesus film. Little J was a bundle of questions THE. ENTIRE. TIME.

I was weary of answering him until I realized at bedtime, it was the Holy Spirit prodding his little 5 year old mind. He. got. it. From birth to resurrection story, he wanted in, and I mean in. He didn't want to be on Satan's team and even told me in his own words. Right there in his bed, he prayed to receive Christ and be HIS forever. What a Christmas gift. Yes, the first Christmas has come and gone, but the HOPE of Christ makes it present for ALL of us today. This year will forever be etched in my mind as one of my very favorite Christmas's, (the White Christmas made it a little better!) BUT the best part of J's little commitment to Jesus due to his understanding of HIS birth and why HE came HERE.

I am feeling led to make a New Year's resolution to ramp up my blog posts. . hopefully I will follow through and not fail :) I hope to post Christmas photos soon!


stephanye said...

W-Congratulations to little J. How precious. We had a really neat experience with one of ours, too. The Holy Spirit is always at work in us and through us. But, how awesome it is to "see it".

Donna said...

Yes,~What a wonderful Christmas story!! Blessings for a wonderful new year for a beautiful family!! Love your new header,....so color coodinated!!