Friday, December 3, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Our dance studio performs a precious show every other year, so glad they give us a year off. . Twas the Night Before Christmas. They do a great job of having several acts which include Santa's workshop, then the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. . we had elves, dreaming girls in nightgowns, an ice skater, and even Donder the reindeer. Even our own Papa wore a nightgown and performed as the Papa to the nightgown girls. The show is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and I am so grateful it does not fall during the hustle and bustle of December. I wanted to post a few photos from the weekend performance, such a fun time!

M. E. was the deputy elf. . are you surprised? She even had a clipboard she carried with a giant pencil. Does she remind you of anyone?

K as a Nightgown girl. . this is a precious "dreamy" dance. . she even danced with her Emily American girl doll. . we love this dance!

S performed a very hard tap dance to "Sleigh Ride". . it put me in the spirit!

Sweet S. . skating away on a river. . it was a beautiful dance!

And here's. . . . Johnny! Papa will probably hate that I did this. . talk about a grandad giving his support. We love you Papa!

Now. . I must go trim some trees, mail some Christmas cards. . and make that figgy pudding!


Donna said...

GREAT pictures of a fanciful night...wish I had been there to see it! Looks like it was wonderful and your children are the poster children for beautiful!!!

stephanye said...

It was a beautiful performance by each of your girls. They are all very talented.

Merry Christmas from your neighbors:)

Mom of Eleven said...
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