Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Friends

Labor Day Ladies
What is it about old friends? They make us laugh until we think we will wet our pants. . they know our history. . they know all of our drama...they know all of our stories... What's amazing about old friends is we can pick up right where we left off.

It's only that with old friends that I haven't seen in literally a year since the last Labor Day Trip, that within minutes of first sight in an airport parking lot, can we be laughing hysterically because we forgot the cute rental convertible would never hold 4 bags bigger than people. It's only with those friends that through laughter we would decide that the convertible was still worth the rental price and then begin to hold those bags with the top down. (that's the story that brought about laughter so hard I thought I might have an accident) It was this month 20 years ago I met them all... some a few months later, but 20 years ago, we were freshman in college. What a different place I was in, what a different world it was. These girls were with me in some of the most crucial years of my life. It's when I went through some of my life's biggest decision making processes. They know it all, it doesn't even have to be discussed when we are together (although some stories are rehashed for hilarity's sake)but they KNOW me. OLD FRIENDS!

16 years ago, we began a tradition that has stuck, we've named ourselves "The Labor Day Ladies". There have been years of large groups, small groups, and even years of tragedy, one even met her future husband on this trip. There's no way to know where we will all be in 20 more years, but one's thing for sure. . we will laugh till we cry!


stephanye said...

:) a little jealous of this tradition you have. trying to get my college friends together for a celebration. most of us will turn 40 this year!

stephanye said...

jealous:) trying to get my college friends together since we all turn 40 this year!