Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am still Alive!!

Hi again to everyone in blogger land. Yes. . I am still alive. I feel I have not been able to keep up with my blog lately, as I was struck violently ill by a stomach virus that came from the pits of hell!!! Yes, That's right. . . I could not MOVE for two days except to pull myself to the toilet. My precious husband saw my desperate state and respectfully locked in me in my "chambers", if you will, for the next 48 hours. The only time he got near the door, he would cover his mouth and nose with his t-shirt as if it were a surgical mask. When giving me a ginger-ale, he would slide in, and slide out, never allowing himself to touch any part of me. Once, his hand barely brushed mine and he began to wipe his off violently on his pants leg as if he were a little girl that had touched a snake. He stepped up to the job and literally took over the house filling in for my many positions.

Now, Why is it that as mothers we would LONG for a moment, an hour, even a day alone in our room, but when given the chance for 48 hours. . I. couldn't. stand. it.? Why is that? Probably because my time awake was spent near a toilet and not reading, journaling, or looking at fun, cute magazines. I hadn't even the energy to read. So, I just laid there in between a sleeping state and staring at stupid movies TBS decided to replay over and over last weekend. I watched The Wedding Date twice as well as Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason. I think I am good on those. I even found myself staring at Hollywood's latest attempt at King Kong. I thought, yet couldn't move, what am I watching? So, here I am, a survivor of this year's nastiest stomach flu yet, and it hit ME!! Thank you Lord for healing me in 48 hours and not longer, Thank you Lord for a precious husband that could quarantine me from the rest of the family, Thank you Lord for sparing my family and not giving them a horrible virus I would not wish on my worst enemy, and thank you for Canada Dry Ginger Ale!!


georgia mom said...

Glad you're back from the throw up pit of hell and glad you're back bloggin'! M

Joni said...

So sorry you have been sick. I think Satan himself created the stomach bug...who else could come up with something so vile!

elizabeth said...

I know what you mean...I blogged about the very same thing one time when I had wished for a "sick day" and then I actually got one! We want a "day off" to read and journal like you say. We don't want the throw ups and comatose state!!

Great for J for taking care of you and everything else. I couldn't even imagine!

Glad to know you are better now. I pray no one else will come down with it in your house!

Everyone was dying to know at BS on Tues what friend you were talking about being so much alike (with the whole shampoo thing & more). Everyone said LP or CM. So who is it? Curious.....Nosy...


wendymom said...

It is LP, good guess, it's scary, there is a lot more stuff that is just alike!!

JMom said...

Yea!!! I am so glad you are better!