Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Heart is Hurting

I am striking out the words to this post, and I literally feel a heaviness in my heart. I have three specific issues that have plagued our past two weeks and are just a burden in my soul. These are biggies. I know I have your curiosities waging war, but I honestly can't tell you what they are. I can say one is an issue with one of our teenage girls, we love her dearly, but it seems she wants to push us away. A war is waging for her soul, and she doesn't even see it that way. The other two issues involve marriages close to us and I am broken inside for these couples. Teenagers and Marriages: two of life's hardest human relationships!!! What a comparison and discussion that would lead into to.

Even though I can't post about specific things as to protect those we love: I can tell you what God is teaching me, where he is leading me in scripture and what I am learning. First of all, God has enabled my precious husband with an ability I have never seen. Through our week and its trials, he is so strong. Not as in, I am the husband, I must be strong for my family, but as in. . He is literally helping to carry the burden for many people in his life. That is a hard task to do, and at some point. . God has to take the burden. That's what I pray for today. . that God will help him carry all the junk he is feeling right now. J has been cool as a cucumber and I am strengthened by his walk with the Lord.

I have also learned that trials and tribulations in life are part of Kingdom work when we do it for the Lord. Paul, Peter, James, and Jesus all spoke of trials and sufferings we will experience in life (actually its covered in the Old Testament too, especially in Psalms. Kingdom work is hard and when we put ourselves in positions of leadership in which we are trying to influence lives, we risk a lot. My human, mama bear side wonders if the risks are too great to impose on my family, my walk with Lord tells me. . "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14 (which ironically was one of our verses yesterday in Bible Study) I have to keep going, not only because God called me to this position I am in, but because I am living now in Christ. It is through my weakness that his strength is made perfect. I am living out my relationship with him because these experiences draw me straight to Him every time. I have learned out of these hard times is when Christ is stronger, and I am in HIM!!

Please help us pray for those we love, God knows the circumstances even if you just pray for that. He is at work bigtime in the lives around us, but those involved are hurting and NEED His peace and comfort, pray for us to show it to them more and more in a physical, tangible way. Also pray for our family, I am just going to say, and yes I am a Jesus freak. . . Satan is at work to destroy families in our world. Satan KNOWS the design God intended for a man and wife and even attacked that relationship in the garden. Be ready people, Satan "prowls like a lion waiting for someone to devour". . it's in the Bible people, it's true. Help us pray that the enemy will stay far away from those we love and we see being attacked, including us.


elizabeth said...

You're so's all around right now and T and I know exactly what you & J are feeling (we have been there recently ourselves)..the burden of other peoples circumstances. That's what we do when we genuinely care and love someone else.

I can say I am so glad to know you and J and so many other Godly couples we know that give a good example of marriage and how God designed it to be. I pray for all of our marriages as well, because like you said, the enemy is lurking.

I will be praying for your "circumstances" that are surrounding you and your family right now.


Joni said...

I like Jesus freaks. : )

I am praying for you and your loved ones.

wendymom said...

thanks so much for the encouragment, yes keep prayin'. It helps to know we have support and encouragement around us. God is just showing us the NEED to trust Him more and more each day. Thanks for your words.

wendymom said...

Yes, I do too, I love that DC Talk song, "what will people do when they see that I'm a Jesus Freak, what will they do when they find out it's true?" So there you have it, I am a Jesus Freak!!!

JMom said...

I am praying for you, too. I think hurting for other people is sometimes harder than hurting for myself...simply bcause of the helplessness of it all.

Lia Sophia said...

Problems and trials were just instrument of God for us to be brave and to remember that He is there, that we can ask for help. Marriage and teenagers life are two things that is too hard to handle, especially that you have eleven siblings, which for me is quite exciting. Never been into a large family and having that large family is always a dream for me. - Cheapest Lia Sophia.