Sunday, April 27, 2008

Putting Life in Perspective

As I came across this blog today on my friend's blog (Hector and Christy), God really showed me something. . I am so blessed. We all have our difficult situations and hard times, but God really put things in perspective for me today. I love the group Selah and this is the story of their precious child that they carried, and then lost after a life lived 2 1/2 hours. Their story has left a legacy that will touch thousands of lives and . . to God be the glory for that.

They have been open and honest in their journey and it will be priceless for the thousands that read to see their faith lived out in a dire circumstance. Please read their blog when you have a lot of time to sit, then look at their slideshow last. The song that plays during the slideshow was written by Christa Wells that wrote the song "Held" that Natalie Grant recorded. I believe they said it was sung at Audrey Caroline's memorial service. After reading their story, I could not help but go and hug all of my children as hard as I could and thank God for giving them to me. God has blessed me and I really must put things in perspective, I must stop being so selfish and go and serve others!!!

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elizabeth said...

That is perhaps the saddest yet sweetest things I have ever seen. You weren't there in bible study last week, but I mentioned that it is amazing how people going through hard circumstances radiate their faith even more. It is through people and situations like these that I stand in awe of our God and those individuals faith in Him. I wasn't prepared to start my day off sobbing in front of my computer, but I'm glad I did. Thank you for sharing that/passing that along to touch one more heart..mine.

Hope to see you tomorrow.