Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School

Praise the Lord!! It is finally here. The big green van has pulled away filled with smiling faces ready to face a new school year. We have 1 starting kindergarten all the way up to college. What a great and glorious year it will be, PLUS the house will be much quieter these days.

I wanted to give you an idea of the effort and initiative it takes to purchase our Back to School supplies. I myself was a school teacher for 6 years before beginning our ministry work, so I know the importance of parents buying every single item of their school supply list. BUT, I can't even put into words the time, finances, and effort it took to get all the school supplies together for this year. 11 in school in some form or fashion is quite a financial burden, BUT praise the Lord that everything is provided and paid for and taken care of.

Our precious relief Mother, Beckymom, came one morning last week to keep the kids and I spent an entire morning at Sam's, Wal-Mart, and Staples completing the multi-checklists. Just look at our kitchen table once it was all done!!

Believe it or not, those are organized stacks assigned to each child. I couldn't have done it without my big kids!

Today marked ME's first day of "real" school, Kindergarten. This morning as she was about to pull away with all the "big kids", she said, "Mom, You are really going to miss me." As tears are in my eyes as I type this, it is hitting me, she is gone. She is now a member of the world, only to retreat back to me in the afternoon and evenings for moments with me. I can only pray she has the skills she has needed to be ready to face her little world. (praise God we go to a christian school and her desk is next to a preschool friend) Those are blessings and gifts from the Lord I am so grateful for. Her teachers are precious people ready to love on her and that too is a gift. I am also grateful she went right to sleep and popped right out of bed, she is by far the most like me, SHE LOVES HER SLEEP and needs it! She has waited for the day to put on the UCS uniform like all of her siblings and was proud to wear it as she marched out with her new school bag and new lunchbox. I just still can't believe it is here.

What a big, precious girl!! I am so proud of her.

(thanks to their Dad for yummy biscuits on the first day back, we usually dine on cereal)

J managed to snap one of K and S on their first day as well. Have a great year girls!

To all of my chilren (that sounds like a soap opera title), I love you and I am praying for you every day. Have a fabulous year and God has so much for you, just wait and see!

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Sarah said...

And I thought getting 4 kids ready for school was hard!!! I can't even imagine...