Monday, August 4, 2008

Beachin It-Part 1 (Fun with cousins!)

Part 1 of our beach story will include all the fun we had with our cousins while we were at the beach. The fabulous company we work for is so generous to offer us a free place to stay each summer as well as my parents, as my father works for the same company. The house my parents stay in is so large they are able to accomodate my siblings and their families. We had 22 of our family members with us this year! ( we missed you M, M and E) What a blast we had. Our fun included several days at the beach, lots of ice cream and popscicles, swimming in our pool and their pool, a birthday party for my nephew, fishing, a night with the grandparents and all the grandkids, playing the Wii on a movie screen, skit and stunt night, eating out ALL TOGETHER, a day at Sea World, and lots of laughter. The kids all get along very well and truly enjoy each other's company, it's nice to see them all play together. PLUS, a proud aunt must brag that I loved spending time with my neices and nephews! How they are growing so much!!

Okay, enough, enough, enjoy the photos of all the fun we had with extended family while we were away!

15 Grandchildren, what a crew!

Eating out w/ all 22 of us was quite a long table, thanks to Pops for treating us all!

The boys!

J having fun with all the girlies!

10 of the kiddos w/ Thunderbird #7, AKA Uncle Rob!

On our way to Sea World. It's funny how cousins that have lived a country apart find it a novelty to ride in a car together. These two are precious together!


stock market basics said...

very cool.

erica said...

sorry we missed you all in fl!

i love the pic of all the kids!

much love from washington!