Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beachin It (Part 2-fun times with the kids)

The kids were forced by me to pose happily for a photo after a yummy night out!

I am so sorry I have not continued my beach posts, life has had us pretty busy this week. Getting ready to go back to school is hard work. (but that's another post)

I wanted to make sure I included some of the great shots I got of the kids while we were at the beach and swimming in our little beach house pool. When all 12 of us were in there at once our pool is what we like to call a spool. (pool/spa)

We had a fabulous time while we were away. Jonathan and I celebrated our 12th anniversary while my parents volunteered to keep all the grandkids. We also enjoyed some fabulous family time as well as just relaxing, beaching it, and swimming. Despite the news reports that there had been 15 shark attacks and/or sightings this summer, we did travel into the ocean. J would only let the kids go in up to their knees. It was quite a sight seeing the big kids ride the waves in such shallow water. Luckily most of my kids love seafood, so we enjoyed some yummy restaurants as well.

Enjoy the rest of our pictures from our fabulous vacation:

Little J has become quite the swimmer this summer. What a cutie!

Little T just cracks me up in my soul, I couldn't resist taking a photo op of these 3!

I loved this one because ME is color coordinated with her bathing suit. A girl always loves any accessories that match her swimsuit!

A is an avid reader!! She never misses good, quality time to catch up on a good book!

K had some type of digging project each day. Here she was determined to dig the biggest hole she could!

Yes, little J's tongue is out, nothing like that salt water all over your face!

The two boys spending some fun time together. I couldn't resist missing this moment with them together.

ME is ever the performer of the family, what a girl!

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