Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rob's Airshow today

My brother Rob serves as #7 for the United States Air Force Thunderbird team. What a group!! Let me tell you it is a sight no words can describe. Especially while the team performs to songs such as "God Bless America". We went to Dobbins Air Base today for a show. His assignment will be over at the end of this year and we have so enjoyed his time with the Thunderbirds. Especially for the entertainment it has brought to my family. Thanks again Rob for an awesome time.

For those of you that live in my town, you may have heard him Wednesday around 2:45 PM, that was him flying over our house and my parent's house. Many people have told me they heard it. (He must have some pretty cool credentials to fly that low!) He was at my house, then in town in less than 5 seconds. He made it to Marietta in 6 minutes.

Enjoy the pictures, we didn't take many as I forgot our good camera at home. Thanks A, for always having your handy digital in tow. Enjoy a few pictures from today:


CookingMama said...

I was just thinking as I read your post.. I wonder if her brother is Rob Skelton from Samford and guess what...How funny we were in campus outreach together..small husband played football with Rob at Samford and lived down the hall at CJ.Have a great week

Mom of Eleven said...

Cooking Mama,
I am not surprised. So many times this happens with people in my family. YES, it is him, and look at him now. Mike and Lisa Brock came to the show yesterday. They were friends from his campus outreach days as well.

CookingMama said...

I know them as well although Mike was BMOC in those days and a little older than us.

CookingMama said...

I know them as well although Mike was BMOC in those days and a little older than us.

foxofbama said...
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Fiffer said...

Wow! Really neat. Hey I just wanted to tell you I love your song choices & often log onto your site just to listen to the music on it while I clean the kitchen, etc. I see that it shows up on your site who's visiting it and I didn't want you to think it's weird that I'm sometimes on it for awhile...just enjoying your song pix!! Blessings to you & your beautiful family!

The Fab Five said...

HI there, Through blog surfing/stalking.. whatever you may call it :) I stumbled upon your blog. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, even the fact that I read your blog. We have so much in common that I told me best friend, we would Soooo get along with this girl! Even though we don't have 11 kids, we share the same love for children. Your post on your political views is why I'm leaving a comment. I could not agree more and have been debating myself on posting something. Afraid of saying the wrong words? You have confirmed for me that it's not what I think, or you think, it's what our Lord thinks. God Bless you and keep blogging! angela