Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"You get the Best of Both Worlds"

As I am typing this post, I am thinking of my two biological daughters that I did indeed "bring home from the hospital". S and ME were our first daughters prior to starting this ministry. Their birthdays fall a literal 10 days apart so at times it has been easier to combine their celebrations and do one big PARTY!! This summer they began planning a "Hannah Montana" party that would be at the roller skating rink. Hysterical. One was to be Miley and one was to be Hannah.

As you can see here that would work as one is blond and one is brunette.

The plan began to hatch and they would invite their classes, close family friends, church friends, and relatives. As the date arrived and they talked more and more about their party. . . it hit me. God has blessed me with two totally different girls. Literally. . I get the best of both worlds. Blond/brunnette. Introvert/Extrovert. Submissive/Strong willed. Quiet in a crowd/the life of the crowd. One wanted Vanilla cake/one wanted a chocolate cake. They are both so different in their own ways, but yet can be so close at times. I thank God for my precious girls and celebrate their differences instead of comparing. Each has their own unique qualities that were "fearfully and wonderfully made" by their Creator. I got nothin to do with it!! They are great girls and we had a blast at their party. Enjoy.

Hannah (AKA Sally) blowing out her NINE candles! I can't believe it.

Miley (AKA ME) getting ready to blow out SIX candles!

Meet Hannah!


Kimberly and Grace said...

They are both so beautiful. I see you in each of them. :o)

We had the stomach virus two weeks ago and then I had it again this weekend...at least a shorter version. NO FUN!!!


JMom said...

What a GREAT idea!!