Wednesday, December 3, 2008

J's Thanksgiving Program-Mr. Pilgrim

J performed a few weeks ago in his preschool's Thanksgiving extravaganza. (It really only lasted maybe 10 minutes) I have been super busy over the holidays that I haven't had time to back up and post our fun times over Thanksgiving. So. . I thought I would start by posting about J's little program.

As a 2 year old, his class performed as Turkeys, as 3 year old, he got to advance to a Pilgrim. . and sang about he was going to eat the turkey.

"Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey, Big and Fat, Big and Fat,
I am going to eat you, I am going to eat you,
Just like that, Just like that" (sung to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Of course the hand motions were just precious and I could have just eaten him up.

J and B, this is the girl he says he is going to marry and she says the same thing!

What a performer! Have you ever seen a cuter pilgrim?

J enjoying some time with his "fwends" at the Thanksgiving feast!

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