Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day-2009

This Mother's Day was especially exciting as I am expecting another little one as we speak! My sweet husband and kids did a fabulous job of pampering me and loving on me. It always feels good to be praised. Truett Cathy always says, "If you're breathing, you need encouragement". My hubby wrote a poem about me. It seems a little boastful to post it on my own blog, but it is out of my own pride for his skills that I wanted to share it:

My Name Is W, And I Am A Mother

While the sun remains hidden, a new day I begin,
Of growing my children, into Godly women and men.

My responsibility is great in this calling I’ve received,
So heavy my daily burden, like nothing I could have ever perceived.

I’m the first to take action and the last one to rest,
To all these precious souls I give my all, my very best.

This life I’ve been called to, few others could handle or even comprehend,
No time for myself or to have lunch with a friend.

My husband adores me, sees me as superior to most,
Yet I never put on heirs, never brag, never boast.

I do more in a day than many accomplish in a week,
I forgive everyday and turn the other cheek.

I train up my children in the way they should go,
I sacrifice more for them all than they will ever know.

I’m not always popular, often seem unfair in their eyes,
But I do what is right and best for their lives.

I now carry yet another special gift from God above,
This new life inside me, whom I can’t wait to love.

Like the others, she will add to my work to be done,
As well as to this legacy of love I’ve already begun.

Though I will never be given all the thanks I am owed,
My sweet children do appreciate and love me so.

I’m a strong Godly woman, I live my life for others,
My name is W, and I am a mother.

Written by: JW


Gretchen said...

I love it! :)

elizabeth said...

Tears....Love it! That is the best mother's day present I have ever heard of (or read). All so very true. You are one of a kind, beautiful, loving, forgiving and a wonderful mother. Thanks for sharing!

georgiamom said...

AWESOME. I do stand in awe of how you do all that you do. But at the same time it doesn't surprise me at all--you are incredible. I am so proud of who you are and that I can call you my friend!!!

Pam said...

This is beautiful, and he is spot on in his description of you. I'm glad you chose to share it with us!

Can't wait to see the new little one God's entrusted to your precious family.

Kathy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love it!

JMom said...

Precious! Somebody say,'Hug that man!' (For Keri:-)