Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Anniversary-13 years

Today marks the anniversary of a journey I began 13 years ago. I have to admit looking back, I was young and in love. . and I was a baby. (not the way I acted, but in age, just a mere 22 years old!) It was the height of the Atlanta Summer Olympics and the day after a bombing in centennial park. The world was spinning, but for us it stopped for a short while, as we married in a rock chapel in a quiet, peaceful place in the middle of the woods! (Frost Chapel for those of you who live in my town)

Looking back, now with many life experiences under my belt, I see myself then and I had NO IDEA what God had in store for our marriage or our spiritual purpose as a couple. Even in the prayer my father prayed over us as we knelt in front of him when he married us, he prayed, "Lord give their marriage a spiritual purpose". 13 years later, here we are serving HIM in a ministry side by side. God had such big plans for us. Oh how I crave to instill in my children, you have so much more to your story.

My man is like no other, (don't we all think that?), and he is completely devoted to me and our children. What I love most about him is his words of affirmation he has for me. It is not unusual to find a special letter from him penned by hand in which he always finds a new way to tell me how he loves me. There is no other for me, and it is a crazy, surreal journey God has brought us on. In some ways I still feel like that 22 year old woman who had no idea what God was planning behind the curtains of my life. Can't wait to see what the next 13 years bring!

Even though today is our special day, J arranged all the details and whisked me away to Atlanta Friday evening for a quick dinner at Chops! Let me just say the Filet and Lobster would not have been in our budget 13 years ago! It was so awesome to be alone with my hubby after our busy, whirlwind summer. We had uninterrupted conversation and I think that was the most meaningful part of it all! Included a few photos J took on his phone. We just wanted to document we actually had a date ALONE and a newborn baby, plus 10 other kids at home!


dancing queen said...

you go girl!!!:):):)

Jenn said...

I can't believe it has been 13 years! That was such a beautiful wedding. I hope you all have had a wonderful day!!!

Emmy said...

Happy Anniversary!

You all are an awesome couple! A gift to all!

I am thankful God put you in our life!

JMom said...

PRECIOUS!!! What a dashing couple...No one in that restaurant would have believed how many young uns you two beautiful people had at home! :-)

Happy Anniversary!

macmama said...

Wendy - will you send this pic to me by email as the original jpg? I need a pic of your beautiful face, but if I pull it from the website, the quality is really bad. Thanks!!