Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ann Claire's Baptism

Well, I shouldn't have even typed it last night. . you know, about Ann Claire being so peaceful and all. . she cried through her baptism today. . she hardly ever does! Anyway, all in all , it was a special service, as well as special time with family and friends this afternoon for lunch.

I wanted to take a little writing time to tell about the baptism dress that Ann Claire wore today. She is the 5th person to actually wear it in our family, with her daddy being the 1st. J's mother made it herself 35 years ago by hand, never knowing 35 years later her granddaughter would wear it as well as the other 3 grand kids that have worn it too. I tried to capture the beauty of this special family heirloom by using our special lens.

J's mother hand sewed these tiny pearls on each arm and around the neck as well as the bows for each of our girl's baptism. When we had J, she took them off by hand, then had to re-sew them once we had Ann Claire. Talk about a labor of love!

These buttons are tiny, and were actually carried by J's Grammy in her apron pocket when she mended her 8 children's clothing.

J's hand gives the size perspective of these special little buttons

Here are more special moments from today:(special thanks to JMom at Lots of Scotts for taking the photos at church!)

Little J's first time to wear a tie. Thank goodness it had dinosaurs on it (his favorite). Otherwise, I don't think he would have worn it!

Our pastor reading special verses about children and the covenant they are under as children of believer's. Sweet moment!

Sweet moment of baptism. Such a symbol of dedicating her to the Lord! Thank you Lord for this sweet baby you have given us!

This is when the crying erupted, our pastor continued the blessing over her. As soon as he stopped, he grabbed her pacifier shoved it in, and silence. . the congregation erupted in laughter. It was great! She put on quite the performance.

I used this opportunity to update the main photo on my blog. I realized I didn't even have Ann Claire in it. So. . my kids were good sports about coordinating outfits. ( I think they hated it!)

Sweet moments with the grandparents.
Nana, Papa, and Ann Claire

Sweet Baby Girl!


Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Precious, precious, precious!

Jenn said...


JMom said...

You are so on the spot. I am sorry I haven't sent the other ones yet. I will get on it!!

I LOVE what you wrote about the incredibly special! And the baptism,it was perfectly joyful!

Emmy said...

I am just sick I was out of town! She is precious!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baptism dress...and so special for your children. My family has a similar tradition - my sister, her two sons, their five children, myself, and my two children were all baptised in the baptism dress worn by my dad (12 total...four generations). And my dad just celebrated his 90th birthday!Needless to say this dress is very fragile, but oh so special!

Annapolis, MD

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!