Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots more to come. . very soon!

Hello to all my friends in blogger world. Well, how many times have I typed this before? Life is crazy, and I don't have time to blog. I have hundreds of pictures on my camera and long for time to sit and load them onto my computer and post about every fun thing going on in our lives. BUT, I just. don't. have. the. time. Time. Where does it go? How fast it seems to slip through our hands.

Just this weekend, little S, who is turning 10 this month, got new shoes. Her N took her for me as I was away on a little quick mommy trip. They called me to exclaim she needed a size 7, yes size 7 in new tennis shoes. What? I screamed! What happened to going through size 4 and 5 in children's shoes? I am barely a size 6 as is my mother and her mother, so naturally I guess I thought S would just stay there too. I am sad by this, not that she is growing, but well, that she is? Does that make sense to anyone? We never even got to share shoes! Time is moving fast, and that is only one example of how quickly these kids are passing through life.

-Ann Claire is 3 months today
-S is turning 10
-ME is turning 7
-R is playing in his first varsity football game
-Big T is going to knock out a killer score on the ACT and SAT
-M is coming home from college for a visit
-ME cheers in her first Jr. Pee Wee game
-Ann Claire is getting baptized

. . and much more, and that's just in the next 3 weeks. Not to mention the daily grind of life with 10 kids at home. Cheerleading practices, dance lessons 3 days a week, football practice, bible studies, school, homework, church, choir, and so on. That's just my week in a nutshell! Blogging has taken a back seat and I miss it. It has been a way for me to unwind, share, vent, journal, document, and socialize w/ peeps I have never personally met. Hang in there and check back with us soon! I will be praying for God to give me a little time to catch up and catch my breath!


JMom said...

I miss you and am so glad for a chance to peek in on what is going on with ya'll!!

I had never thought about the sharing shoes thing...that is a strange milestone to pass.

Hope to see you soon!

Jill said...

I must comment today when I have been reading since last years BM conference in San Antonio, but my 8 1/2 year old just skipped her 4 and 5's in kids and went up to a five in women's! WHAT? I am glad to hear mine was not the only one. I love how you are growing your family. Precious!

elizabeth said...

M also had a big jump in shoe size this year. She is a 6.5 now....I couldn't believe she actually has gotten to womens sizes!

What Sun is the baptism? I would like to try to get myself to church that day. (now, go pray for me. :-)

Mom of Eleven said...

this sunday, love for you to be there!