Saturday, September 19, 2009

I heart Clorox Wipes!

With the threat of Swine Flu looming in the present day, I am so fearful my sweet children will get it. I just read an article on Yahoo's main headline page yesterday that a sweet little 5 year old boy, that was otherwise healthy died from contracting Swine Flu!

My only attempt in preventing this from coming into our home has been "WASH YOUR HANDS IMMEDIATELY!" once they come in from school. But I just don't know if that's going to totally rid our risks from getting it. With a sweet 3 month old at home, I am particularly sensitive to the virus in our community. So far, no children that attend our schools have had it, but it is currently in our town! It's everywhere! I saw a statistic online as well that the CDC predicts 90,000 people will die from Swine Flu in the next year. WOW! I do think they may be overshooting the estimate, but given young children (which I have ) and seniors it may be quite a few. Needless to say, we WILL be getting the vacine!

During the month of October, I receive a happy visit (sarcastic tone given) from our state licensing lady. The following is the list of how I am to "keep" my home and present it as she inspects my home during a walk -through once a year.

I must:
have all products that say "keep out of reach from children" away from their rooms and bedrooms.
-have all knives, scissors and sharp objects locked in a box (even in my kitchen)
-I can have no food products stored unless they are in an airtight container (includes in the fridge or freezer) I got "written" up one year for having aluminum foil covering something in the fridge
-NO expired foods, SPICES (got written up for that one year too), or medicines! Period.
-CLEAN -microwaves, ovens, toaster ovens, sinks, trashcans, etc.
-all knobs on kids' dressers ( do you know how easily kids pull those things off!)
-all medicines locked in a cabinet
-all cleaning supplies locked in a cabinet

Needless to say, for the next two weeks, I am going to be busy! I went to Sam's and bought a bulk supply of clorox wipes! Plus with my fear of swine flu-I figure I might as well carry clorox wipes on a tool belt. I have wiped everything in my home today- from baseboards to the inside of my oven! My little fingers are so pruned and peeling, they are screaming for a REAL manicure. Doesn't look likely though, all those utensils might have swine flu on them.

Oh well, I must clean some more! Keep your kids clean and safe from germs! Mom of Eleven says go buy clorox wipes!


elizabeth said...

I love clorox wipes too! And Lysol even more. I even bought some for each of my kids teachers and sent it to school with them in hopes that the teacher will use them in their classrooms.

I was told that they only have to report a case of the swine flu if they go to the hospital (not just the doctor). I was told someone at my kids school did have it. I think it might be more around than we think or really know about. scary.

I also carry the anibacterial hand gel in my car so that is the 1st thing my kids do when they get in the car after school...THEN we come in and go straight to wash our hands when we get home. You might want to try that too.

sy said...

W- I am a germaphobe. At the checkout at Walmart they have these little packets of clorox wipes that will fit in your purse. You never know when you might have to use a nasty restroom with little ones!

We had one with Swine Flu and survived. He didn't come out of his room for 6 days. Then, I wouldn't let him play with the other kids for another couple of days. I scrubbed his room from top to bottom twice. I washed everything in hot water. And, threw lots of crayons and other little things he played with away.

Mom of Eleven said...

S and E,
Thanks for the tips. I am so fearful, but at the same time. Oh well. . what can we do other than try. They may still all get it.

At least I know MY house is clean for tonight. . we even went out to dinner in hopes of not messing anything else up!

Kim said...

Hi Wendy!
Love your blog and your family is beautiful! Congratulations on your new little one.
Out of only love and concern, I wanted to mention a great website with interesting info on the swine flu virus. It is Great to see you on here! Blessings to you all! Kim Chester Glass

Mom of Eleven said...

Thank you for the info. I will check it out. I hate to be a worry wart, but I am concerned! So good to hear from you, and I will be checking out your blog too!

Kim said...

We have vaccinated our kids and ourselves as we travelled out of the country. I am just concerned about this new swine flu vaccine as it is so new and we don't have a history of its effectiveness yet. The possible side effects worry me but so does getting the swine flu! Just wanted to pass along the website as it is a good one reccomended to me from a trustworthy friend. Take care!

georgiamom said...

Ok---the state would shut my house down based on my refridg. alone. Not to mention my microwave.

elizabeth said...

I seriously need to consider having a lock and key on any dangerous things since J got and ate an Exedrin on Friday night from our medicine cabinet!!

Mom of Eleven said...

Yikes, yes I recommend getting a safe place when you have a 2 year old. They find anything! It's like they know it's dangerous! Good luck w/ that.

Trust me, these rules and regs. keep me organized! It's amazing how nasty our oven really was. But did you know that "self-clean" really works?

Charlotte Percival said...
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dorothy said...

Only mom to 10 here (11 is due Dec/Jan per birthmom) but this is so my life except the inspectors don't come to check on me. My own version are 4 little ones with FASD who have the amazing ability to find anything dangerous, forbidden or even slightly potentially hazardous.
Don't know how I found your site but I love it and your heart -
Blessings from MN ~ d

Anonymous said...

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