Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Morning!

This year's Christmas consisted of 4 days of celebrations. Yes. Four. Days. What an event. I have tried to break up all of our parties and gatherings into sections. . there was so much to document.

Christmas morning, I awoke early with little Ann Claire, she went back to sleep. . so I was able to get our morning going without the kids even stirring just yet. I started a fire in the fireplace, turned on some Christmas tunes and was able to snap a few photos of what I found in the den before the little ones came running in.

Santa had come! He was so generous to all of us this year! Thank you Santa! (this was pre-kid destruction)

This is our family tree in the family room!
I tried to capture what I felt and saw that morning.. . peace and beauty. Exactly what Jesus brought when we came to earth. Peace in the fight for our eternal lives and beauty in what His life would mean to ALL he came for!

This is our tree in the main Living Room. . this year it held most of the family gifts under one tree! This was definitely the before shot, I didn't even take the after. . it was a MESS!

Almost time!
The younger kids WAITING anxiously for the teenagers to crawl out of bed so they could all run in together!

The long anticipated moment had come. S's face says it all!

A C is crazy about Curious George, notice she found him in the middle of her gifts!

This candy cane was basically her breakfast. . Nana, Papa, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Bill came over for Christmas breakfast. At breakfast, M. E. led us in prayer and then I jokingly added. . "and please let it snow". That was about 9 AM. . this was taken from my front door at around 3 PM. Prayer works!

Those that know be best, know how I feel about snow. . I was thrilled. It was such a magical Christmas this year. . . one the kids will remember as special one that was WHITE. I will too.


Donna said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL ours, filled with fun, children and mess...couldn't get better!! Love all your pics of the kids...they look so excited and adorable! Happy New Year!!!

Mom of Eleven said...

You are always so sweet to post. It means a lot. Thanks for the encouragement you always give me! So glad you had a great Christmas too!

stephanye said...

W-So thankful for that snow that the kids got to play in. R- took ours to Frost ... soon to be joined by your crew. I heard you were home getting ready for the dinner at your house. I was napping/recovering from Strep Throat.

The day was magical. It was so peaceful.

Mom of Eleven said...

Yes, the kids had a ball at Frost. . those pictures were taken on another camera, but I would love to post them if I can figure it out.

Yes, I stayed back and showered and prepared for the 38 we had for dinner that night. I. loved. it. Snow was falling outside my kitchen window, christmas music was playing, and the house was quiet!
So sorry you were sick over Christmas! UGH.