Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Thaw

Well. . I guess all good things must come to an end. Or maybe they never do? My previous "giddiness" has now turned to insanity. We will be entering our 5th snow day tomorrow morning. The snow WILL NOT GO AWAY. Record breaking lows in Georgia are causing the snow to melt so slowly that roads in our area are still not safe for safe passage.

Today the sun is out and we have a high temp of 32 degrees. . however, I hear dripping in the gutters and liquid on the driveways. The kids have exhausted all "snow" activities, including the building of an snow fort/igloo. (it's still standing, it's so cold) Tonight the weather man is forecasting for a close to record low of 11 degrees. They even used the words "brutally cold" to describe how it will feel outside. Will the snow ever thaw?

I really have loved it. . however we are all just a little stir crazy and buzzing with cabin fever. Today we are venturing out to see a movie as the local theatre is finally opening back up. We even went to our favorite burger dive for burgers and video games. (the kids raided Jon's quarters and played air hockey) It helped, but facing another day tomorrow PLUS the weekend PLUS an already schedule holiday Monday, this mom needs some relief!

Enjoy the snow, I'm praying we won't get anymore for awhile.


Donna said...

Welcome to winter! It's like that 5-6 months here, you lucky thing!!

Mom of Eleven said...

I am now learning why you feel the way you do. It has been fun, but the kids REALLY need to be in school.
As one friend put it, "I now know why hamsters eat their young. " Just kidding!