Monday, January 10, 2011

Worth the Wait

Our little cottage in the snow!

Last night around 10 PM, as predicted, snow started falling over North Georgia. By midnight, 2 inches had already fallen and it was the most beautiful sight. I can't put into words what I saw, but I'll try. As I headed to bed, I turned out all outside flood lights and as I looked out my front door the sight was perfect. The snow was so bright it literally lit the outside. I could see almost 1/2 a mile in the complete dark. . and it almost had a red, twilight glow about it. Such beauty. The smell and sound of it was beautiful as well.

This morning when the kids awoke it might as well have been Christmas morning. Again. They loved it. They ran from window to window looking to see what every aspect of the outside looked like. The playset. The grill. The front driveway. The bird bath. The picnic table. Precious. They wanted to be the first to our local sledding spot so off we went to dig out snow clothes. When we got there a few college guys had beat us. .they were sledding with a baby pool. Seriously?

I thought I would share a few shots of the fun.

The view from our front door. Gorgeous. This is spot I stood in last night that was lit up just like dawn would look.

Little AC. Today is her 19 month bday! She loved it!

Some of our local scenery. Such beauty!

After a morning of cold fun we are all in. We've had snow cream, hot chocolate, and soup for lunch. I love making fun memories with my kids like this. It is in front of that very chapel where I used to sled with my brothers and where I even walked down the aisle to marry my sweet hubby. God has blessed me with living here to raise my family. The snow is the icing on the top! Enjoy your day wherever you are. . if you live near us, stay warm!


stephanye said...

We are indeed blessed!

Deidre said...

Those are beautiful pictures. My favorite thing to do in the snow is to take a walk late at night. It's so peaceful and bright. Enjoy! I pray it hangs around awhile ;)

Donna said...

Cute pics of the kids and their delight in the snow! I love to see the prettiness of a new snow too...but it grows old quickly as does the cold, and slush and dirty car and wet stuff coming in the door and car. Bah humbug! Lol Glad you are enjoying it!

Emmy said...

LOVE IT! What a happy day! : )

Mom of Eleven said...

Oh. . yes, it doesn't last long. Today it is slushy like snow cones. . the kids are still out due to the roads. They are back out again, I am already dreading washing all the gloves, hats, socks, and coats. Oh well.

Mom of Eleven said...

So glad you get to be here this time! :)