Friday, May 2, 2008

Preparation for the Big Day

Okay, this is one of those weekends, that it really gets hard. Dance Recital Weekend. So many of you ask, "how do y'all do it?" This is one of those times, I ask myself and don't have an answer. I guess with lots of prep work, organization, and planning skills. We have 5 girls out of 9 that take dance and that's a total of 15 costumes and 15 acts in the recital tomorrow. I have literally spent my morning writing names in EVERYTHING, typing lists for the girls that will be backstage, hot gluing flowers to hair pins, making a last minute list for items needed at Wal-Mart, and diligently highlighting their acts in the program. Whew!! It is a labor of love.

On a happier, less stressful note, my girls love to do this. They love the hair, make-up, stage performance, and the costumes. They do not object to the tights, too-small fitting shoes by this point, nor the lists from mom. Their smiles and stage presence are worth every effort. (Even the countless trips to town to dance class each week and the payment for the costumes.) I get it, I know what self-confidence this is building for them later in life. The joy they feel in "showing" their dances on stage is very evident and it is a priceless moment to see them there. I will definitely post lots of pictures after the weekend.

Pray for me and my stress level, their little nerves, and for S, she has two back to back numbers, with a costume change right there behind the curtain and that stresses her out more than getting on stage. It's gonna be great!!

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georgia mom said...

Tell S, that she will really feel like a star when she makes a quick change like that. I always felt like I was really in show biz when I had a quick change like that!! Hope ya'll have fun!! Praying for you.