Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

After much effort, cleaning, and working on my husband and Nana's part, we headed to the lake for a fun weekend to celebrate the 4th. You would not believe the load of food, floats, pillows, blankets, beach towels, and toys we took with us. We arrived on the 4th in the morning, swam all day, then feasted that evening. J grilled out and we of course dined on baked beans and watermelon. Isn't that the traditional, All-American 4th of July meal? Nana and I both made homemade ice cream as well as a "star" cake. The kids sang to the good ole' USA, but then we didn't even cut the cake we were all so stuffed.

That night we stayed at the cabin. This quaint little cabin has been around since J was a tiny baby, built with his parent's own two hands and blood and sweat. Countless hours of work and labor have gone into creating and maintaining this little lake home. Since our children have been so young lately, we just don't make it over there much. Now little J is bigger and we are able to go and stay a little more. The kids all piled into the cabin and collapsed into a great night's sleep.

We enjoyed the next day and it included lots of swimming and MORE eating. We had a great time, and the best part was the kids got along so well and had a blast playing and bonding!!

Happy Birthday America!!

Get it girl!

J and M enjoying yummy burgers Daddy cooked for them!

We had a yummy 4th of July feast!!

Happy Birthday, Dear America,. . .
Lovin the patriotic Hair-Do!

M decides to take me down. .
Going. . .
Going. . .
GONE! (but notice my hair didn't get wet!)

J decided that Little T made a great pet dog!

Let the good times roll. (or at least a big collection of "yake wocks"!)

Sheer, pure laughter brought by having fun, I loved this photo!

Fun and laughter always strengthens our family bonding!! Too cute!


Goin' Guatamalan said...

Wendy- I LOVE your music!!!! What a great way to sneak a peek into a sweet friends' day.


Kerin said...

Looks like such a great holiday with the family!! Great pictures.

Emmy said...

So fun! Love the didn't get your hair wet part! : )