Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday J!!

I am so happy to celebrate the life of such a wonderful man. This year for our birthday's J's mom has been giving us a bit of birthday meaning in our cards, this was written by Henri Nouwen from Here and Now.

"Birthdays need to be celebrated. I think it is more important to celebrate a birthday than a successful exam, a promotion, or a victory. Because to celebrate a birthday means to say to someone: "Thank you for being you." Celebrating a birthday is exalting life and being glad for it. On a birthday we do not say: "thanks for what you did, or said, or accomplished." No, we say: "Thank you for being born and for being among us."

On birthdays we celebrate the present. We do not complain about what happened or speculate about what will happen, but we lift someone up and let everyone say: "We love you."

Celebrating a birthday reminds us of the goodness of life, and in this spirit we really need to celebrate people's birthdays everyday, by showing gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, and affection. These are ways of saying: "it's good that you are alive; it's good that you are walking with me on this earth. Let's be glad and rejoice. This is the day God has made for us to be and to be together."

I just love that, don't you. Birthdays just celebrate them. So. . Happy Birthday to my precious husband, best friend, co-sojourner in ministry, and soul mate in life.
So sorry sweetie, you have to wear the birthday hat just like everyone else!


Joni said...

What a lovely tribute to J. My favorite women are those who unabashedly love their husbands.

My dad once told me that the best gift you can give your children is to wholeheartedly love your spouse.

Happy birthday J!

Emmy said...

I love that! I love Henri Nouwen... I am going to print that! Made me cry! Beautiful!

Happy Birthday J! We celebrate you being born! : )

lori said...

Ohhh that was beautiful