Sunday, July 13, 2008

J turns THREE!!!

I have procrastinated all weekend about even posting on J's birthday. I guess it's because I can't believe it is really here. My little baby is now 3. 3 is a big deal for me and my emotions on parenting. I can't really explain it, but I find myself stuck somewhere in between wondering: what happened? when did they get so big? where is my baby? potty-training? Again?. 3 means they are no longer a toddler, but a preschooler, 3 means a big boy bed, 3 days in preschool each week, 3 means potty-trained for sure, and it also means for me that it is my last baby growing up. Whew! Sorry to be so sappy, but this is a hard one for me.

The first thing J asked me yesterday morning when he woke up was: "Am I going to grow up big all the way just today?" He has constantly heard me say, "When you are 3, you will be a big boy." Bless his sweet heart, he thought he would be big all in one day. How literal he is and how I must take note of that for days to come.

Enjoy the photos below of a fun party we had here at home. I know, I know, but I just wasn't up for a big soiree' this year. Maybe it's because we have 11 summer birthdays from May-August. I just couldn't drum up the energy this year. BUT, J did have all he wished for: lots and lots of DINOSAURS!!

Does he not look just as yummy as his birthday cake? I could just eat him up!

J and Nana celebrating together as hers was on the 11th. Happy Birthday to Nana too!

J tried several times before he could get his candle out. And yes, there was lots of orange icing on his shirt, he leaned just a little too far over!

J enjoying his Spineasaurus. I have to say this one seems to be his favorite so far.

J got so many books about Dinosaurs. Even a Dinosaur A to Z. We have lots of reading to do this week.


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